Rules of the forum:

1) The For Sale section is to be used at members' own risk. The club cannot be held responsible for any losses/damages incurred in the buying/selling process - this is merely a place to post and reply to adverts.

2) In the case of a dispute, the club will not disclose personal details of any member. Again - buyer beware. You may use the website forum and/or personal messaging service to make arrangements for the buying and selling of goods, but any correspondance you make between a potential vendor/purchaser is strictly between yourselves, and no responsibility of the Club.

3) Any advert that remains inactive for a period of more than 30 days will be removed without notice.

4) Furthermore, constant unneccesary "bumping" of a topic will be dealt with at the discretion of the moderators, but may result in the topic being removed, and the ability to advertise being removed from the offending person.

5) This is a Mk1 MR2 specific forum - therefore please keep adverts relevent to this topic. Any general/irrelevent adverts will be removed without notice. Constant abuse of the For-Sale sections will result in the ability to advertise being removed from the offending person.

6) Any needless spamming of topics in the For Sale section will be removed by the moderators. There are sections for all types of Mk1 discussion - use them!

7) The For Sale section is for the use of private sales only. Affiliates must advertise their products in their own section of the forum. Private, non-repeat sales, by affiliates are permissable. Any traders found to be advertising for commercial purposes will have their posts removed until they agree to become affiliates of the MR2 Mk1 Club. Repeat offenders will be banned from the forum.

8) Once a sale has been completed, please post to that effect in the advertising thread. It will then be locked by a forum moderator.

9) Just to reiterate - You use the For Sale section at your own risk. The MR2 Mk1 Club will not be held responsible for any losses/damages incured by anyone buying/selling through the forum.

10) Make sure you post your location in your profile (via the User Control Panel at the top of the page) before advertising - that way, we avoid wasting peoples time with needless "where are you?" questions.

Adding Images to your posts

If you are selling a part online, it is highly recommended that you post images of the parts beforehand. If you do not know how to do this, please follow this tutorial.