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Thread: SOLD well sorted AW11 track car

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    SOLD well sorted AW11 track car

    After much thought, ive decided to sell on my track car.

    i bought the car with the usual rot around the rear quarters and rear arches and all of which was repaired using the hand made repair panels from here

    all other rust was cut out and new steel let in, to my knowledge there arent any other rust issues with the car.

    The car was really tidy and up together when i bought it, but as ive said, its now a track car so has been stripped out and modified for track days and sprints.

    The spec is.

    Brand new discs all round

    standard callipers have had new seals fitted and a general refurb

    Yellow stuff brake pads front and rear

    braided hoses all round

    high temp brake fluid

    The suspension is a mix of standard shocks (all quite new) and brand new -50mm drop PI springs.

    wheels are 6.5J 15" tsw alloys fitted with TOYO R888 SG compound tyres (£430 worth!)

    seats are sparco buckets seats and the harnesses are Sparco too. these are PROPER 3" wide harnesses with PROPER quick release catches (£230 new)

    All of the carpets/soundproofing/headlining/pas side of the dash/excess wiring etc have been removed.

    The mileage on the dash shows around 130k but the engine and gearbox run like new and the car was dyno setup around 4 months ago at JKM rolling road in portsmouth The operator commented that either the engine has been rebuilt or replaced with a low mileage engine or its true what they say about toyota build quality as it ran very strong and produced 124hp with only a bolt on air filter to help it and it still retains the standard (genuine Toyota) exhaust system, as i didnt want any problems with noise regulations on track days and it usually tests at 93DB.

    The engine has just had new plugs/oil/oil filter and a cambelt ready for 2011 usage.

    The tyres have at least another 3 or more track days left in them depending on how hot the weather is and how hard you use it.

    the steering wheel is now different from the pics and is now a sparco suade deep dish wheel and has been extended from the column around 150mm which gives a very good seating position when strapped into the harnesses.

    I have had a roll bar made for the car and is very sturdy and will protect you in the unlikely event that the car rolls on a track day, but it DOES NOT have any form of MSA test markings on it.

    The battery has been relocated to the front, and the car has a battery isolater switch in the dash and a master kill switch located on the nearside rear engine cover infill panel.

    The things that I was planning to do but now dont have time to do are.

    get the suspension geometry set up properly and to fit some thicker anti roll bars.

    I have some alluminium panels to go on the doors as i was planning on gutting out the door interiors to save some weight, but i dont have time now but ill still supply the panels.

    I think that just about covers it, all i can say is that the car has been very very reliable in all the time i have owned it, and even with my limited skills it can be a very quick car, its had some good tussels with lotus Elise owners and leaves the evo/scooby boys for dead through any type of chicane, and despite the brakes being standard size, once the pads heat up and the tyres get warm this car will outbrake just about anything. You actually have to be a bit carefull if somebodys right on your tail because they just wont stop as quick as you can from a 100mph!!

    The car is fully MOTed but currently sorn'ed as i dont use it on the road.

    Im looking for £1250 which i think is a bargain really, but its got to go soon.

    i can be reached on 07989 889584 or E mailed at

    the car is located in portsmouth po15 area.

    many thanks for taking the time to read my ad

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    Re: well sorted AW11 track car


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