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Thread: SOLD: MR2 MK1 for sale very low mileage full service history

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    SOLD: MR2 MK1 for sale very low mileage full service history

    Rare opportunity to purchase a very low mileage UK model, MR2 MK 1 coupe, in excellent condition.
    The mileage is supported by a good MAIN DEALER TOYOTA service history from new, including most invoices and old MOT certificates.
    The car is in excellent, all round, original condition and is fitted with a full stainless steel exhaust which has seen very few miles.
    The original wheels have been fitted with 4 new Toyo Proxes tyres, only have a couple of thousand miles of use.The exterior paintwork is excellent and has retained a lovely bright red lustre that has been well cared for over the years. In my opinion the best colour to have for this sports car. There is no rust to the rear wheel arches and they have never been repaired. All original!
    There are a few minor blemishes which are usually associated with a car of this age. But they do not detract from the overall excellent condition of the car.
    The car has been garaged throughout it's life which would explain it's current condition.
    The car drives very well, with smooth gear changes both up and down the gearbox. (does not slip out of any gear).
    The car drives as it should with no known problems. It brakes, steers, does not overheat and is mechanically sound. Timing belt was last replaced at 46,931 miles and is documented. The interior of the car is exceptional.
    The original Toyota radio and speakers have been retained and are in excellent working condition (one speaker has popped this week but car will come with 4 speakers to make good this problem). The original electric aerial is fully functional; extending and retracting when the radio is switched on or off.
    The glass sunroof is in excellent condition, with no water leaks, and comes complete with it's removable interior blind.
    In conclusion a very well looked after, cherished car, which has exceptional low mileage and excellent service history.
    Very reluctant sale due to acquisition of new car and is offered here at a price which reflects it's very low mileage and provenance. The car has had 4 new drop links fitted (only needed 1, but this car is meticulously maintained) and 4 new discs, only have a couple of thousand miles of use. To round all this of, it has had 4 wheel alignment done recently. I doubt whether you will find another MR2 MK1 with this low mileage and such a complete service history. The price I feel reflects the very close, classic status this car will achieve, and ongoing rarity.


    I have had a few enquiries about service history etc, and thought I would share this conclusive history. Please see what follows .......

    Service History details

    Brundle Toyota
    18.07.88 4 miles
    00.00.00 583 @ 1 month
    21.06.89 5189 (or 6189 dealer stamp is over the date) @ 6 months

    Rossiters of Wootton Toyota
    01.05.90 11,025 @ 12 months

    West Herts Toyota
    06.03.91 15,520 @ 24 months
    07.10.91 17,639 @ 30 months
    04.03.92 19,679 @ 36 months
    03.09.92 21,360 @ 42months
    02.03.93 22,838 @ 48 months
    15.09.93 24,187 @ 54 months
    03.03.94 25,452 @ 60 months
    27.02.95 28,698 @ 66 months
    20.02.96 32,632 @ 72 months
    24.02.97 36,937 @ 78 months
    24.02.98 38,831 @ 84 months
    22.02.99 40,252 @ 90 months

    Waters Toyota
    12.05.00 41,189 @ 96 months
    27.02.01 43,385 @ 102 months
    01.05.02 45,389 @ 108 months
    16.05.03 46,659 @ 114 months
    10.05.04 46,876 @ 120 months

    Motorline Toyota
    24.05.07 47812 @ 126 months

    I changed the oil filter and oil 06.2009 @ around 51k

    I have paperwork that probably is a half inch thick, with all the itemised items for all the work ever completed on this car. I doubt there is another MR2 this well documented. Would prove useful if you see this as a long term investment.

    Tried uploading pictures, failed miserable, but I can email pictures, if people would like to forward me their email address

    Price £2600

    I have just put 6 months road tax on the car

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    Re: MR2 MK1 for sale very low mileage FSH reduced price

    Just a quick update on this car I have reduced price to £2400 for MR2 MK1 club members for a quick sale, sorry no offers accepted, this car has low milege and a full and conclusive history. Anyone needing to see pics can see them on ebay ... :MESELX:IT

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    Re: MR2 MK1 for sale very low mileage full service history S

    Car has now been SOLD

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