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Thread: Late Intro to My New Car (Mk1.5 Turbo) - Picture Heavy!

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    Late Intro to My New Car (Mk1.5 Turbo) - Picture Heavy!

    Hi all,

    Well I guess it's better late than never to introduce my new car! I picked it up in September/October and it's actually Ki's old Mk1.5 turbo that was done up at Woodsport.

    I got it off a guy down in Hatfield, north of London who was selling as he wasn't using it enough plus was getting married. Got the train down there on a belting hot day and was met by the owner and I think about 2 minutes later after I felt it boost for the first time I was sold! I had a little test drive then we did the paper work and I set off back up north. I took it fairly steadily on the way back just getting used to it but I did give in to temptation down a motorway sliproad and an M3 was duly shown the arse end of a 1988 MR2, hehe. It even managed 30mpg on the journey back upto Sheffield then onto York the following day.

    Below is a brief spec list:

    2 Litre Rev 2 Turbo Engine
    Hybrid CT26 Turbo
    Apexi AVCR (2 settings, one @ .7 and one @ 1 bar)
    HKS Turbo Timer
    Fully Polybushed
    Koni Adjustable Suspension on 35mm Lower Springs
    ST162 Front Brakes with Green Stuff Pads
    22v (MK2 Turbo) Rear Brakes
    Stainless Brake Hoses
    Celica ST205 Chargecooler
    Colder Spark Plugs
    Daft Quad Exit Stainless Exhaust
    LSD Short Ratio Gearbox
    Team Dynamics Wheels with Toyo T1R Rubber
    Bucket Seats and CG Locks on the belts
    Momo Steering Wheel
    T-Bar Front Strut Brace

    I'll hopefully get it rolling roaded in a month or so and 240-250bhp would be nice to see.

    Since getting it I've done the front brakes as above, replaced all the silicon/vacuum engine hoses, fed it plenty of nice oil, remounted the boost solenoid to a better position, refitted an OEM re-circ dump valve, changed plugs, swapped a coolant pipe and fitted clear front indicators plus all the other odds jobs you do to a standard car. I've also nearly finished some custom A pillar and centre dash gauge pods so I'll have chargecooler water temp, engine water temp, boost and oil temp all angled nicely at the driver.

    It's certainly been used and I did 1000 miles in the first week of getting it (including a run out with a friend in his Boxster S in heavy rain in which it performed exceedingly well). I've already got to phone my insurance company to get the 5000 mile annual limit increased! (This included it being in the garage for 2 months, hehe) Just worked out that's roughly 42 miles per day average including days I wasn't using it!

    Here are a few pics of it on it's travels:

    Old engine pic; will get a new one @ the weekend:

    The performance is fantastic, yet it will happily sit on the motorway. Although 70 to 110 leptons can be done way too easily, hehe. Also, it's my first turbo powered car and although I'm sure the chargecooler helps with the turbo lag, on the low boost setting at least it really isn't that hard to drive. So long as you feed the power in and feel the power it's fine, but I do that with any car anyway.

    Hopefully this month I'll find time to give it the proper clay, polish and wax treatment but to be honest I've been too busy just enjoying it until now. (I only sorted out the dodgy one number plate stuck on another on Saturday )

    I'll be at plenty of shows this year so feel free to have a nosey and if the situation arises I'll happily take you out for a quick blast.

    Anyway, that's it for now!

    Over and out.


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