Hi everyone .

I have been to several meets in BUCKS Milton Keynes, It is mostly IMOC/OC cars there but all Mr2's are welcome it is held the 4th sat of every month and please come and rescue me from being the only Mk1 owner that goes on a regular

The venue is abit up in the air at the mo though due to some bad service we had at last venue, So as soon as I know for sure where we are gonna be I will let you know.

We Normally have a chat-laugh then some stay for a pint/barlunch then we normally go for a blast down some good old country roads(even the Tubby's cant escape in the twisty's ).

Its really good fun everyone is really nice and on at least 2 occasions there has been 14+ Mr2's (although mostly Mk2's)

Edit New Venue

The Broughton Hotel
Broughton Village
Milton Keynes
MK10 9AA

Edit::: Ok 13+ Mk2's and a Mk1