I'm just wondering if anyone out there has got a pair of S/H Mk1b lower [ front and rear] engine mounts available?

I do NOT want good ones. I effectively want a 'scrap' pair

All i require are the metal parts in usable condition. If the rubber is split, useless, or missing that does not matter!

My own ones are still usable, but long in the tooth.

Before I remove those, i want to make up up a good replacement pair with stock road car polyurethane bushes replacing the wrecked rubber rather than wreck my own still working ones.
If anyone has anything please get back to me with asking price and postage. [No silly prices please! What i am asking for are bits which would other wise likely be dumped!]

Please reply by email to robin@daviesrowtech.co.uk. Leave a contact phone number if you wish.
Thanks in advance. Robin

Just for information:- Oil cooler, if anyone is changing their cooler hoses, DO NOT try to use steel braided hose type as suggested by many internet sites. They may look pretty but they cannot be done reliably without damage if going on to existing Toyota tails!

At 3rd attempt, I found Merlin Motorsport supplied Hi temp reinforced 3/8" rubber pressure oil hose which ,though tight, fitted OK and existing heat shield hoses fittted over OK. Just might save somebody a future battle!