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Thread: 1987 Red Sunroof Potentially For Sale

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    1987 Red Sunroof Potentially For Sale

    I've hardly driven my MR2 in the past year and even before the pandemic it was rarely used. I'm thinking about selling it so thought I'd gauge the interest of the lovely Mk1 community first.
    I've had the car for 10 years and at one point it was my daily. Then I changed jobs about 7 or 8 years ago and it underwent a mini resto in my garage. I welded in new arches and changed the shocks and springs for KYB and Sachs items IIRC. My DIY paint job is not great in all honesty and since then the good paint has faded so now it's a dozen shades of red/pink/filler. There's also some rust on the join of the panel but I believe this is probably contamination of the weld as opposed to new rust. Some welding was underneath recently as it was an advisory with the MOT. I've also welded the roof by the windscreen as this was rotten through. Again, this could do with filling and spraying properly.
    In my ownership the car has had a new water pump, thermostat, radiator, alternator, drive belt, aux belt, distributor o-ring, gearbox oil change as well as the usual servicing. It's a pretty good runner but its not a looker. The windscreen whistles with air. 5th gear wobbles but doesn't pop out and its been like this the entire time of my ownership.
    Service history is missing prior to me owning the car but I've kept receipts and noted the mileage for all of these. (Think i bought the car at 73k so I've done 20k and its still the lowest mileage car ive owned). It also has the much desired Magnex exhaust which to my rear sounds pretty much the same as the stock item, maybe a tad louder. But being stainless it wont rot.

    If there's some interest I'll post some more photos, including underneath around the usual rot points and i may even do a video of how it drives seeing as travel is still a bit of an issue.

    Looking for somewhere around 2500 or maybe less considering the condition of the bodywork. That or I'll get it back in the garage and sort it out properly then ask 3.5k...

    Hope everyone is staying safe during these bizarre times.
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