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Thread: Wheel fitting

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    Wheel fitting

    Hi all Iím new to the site and first time of owning a Mk1 mr2, Iíve had it a year now restoring it and modified it into a 1.5 turbo. The car is off to the paint shop at the moment having a full re-spray in super silver. Iím looking to fit some larger wheels but donít no what size I can fit, I was looking at som 16Ē et25 4x 100 xj 8 and I just looking for some advise on whether they will fit without any modifications.
    Also Iím having a boost problem
    as well,it seems to be over boost, the engine has a standard turbo and actuator and is hitting over 15psi, Iíve checked the exhaust valve and actuator and see fine

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    I'm afraid I can't help you with either of those questions. I've got the stock wheels and the last turbo I owned was a diesel van.

    Welcome along though!

    I'm sure I have read something about wheel sizes somewhere but it was ages ago and I have no idea where. If I remember I'll post a link.
    Post some photos when you get the car back!

    There's no rust on my car. But there are some sizable holes where the rust fell out.

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    Hi Mate, I'm sure theres a chap on here that's done the conversion (aside from Woodsport of course) I want to say Superwhite90 but that's off the top of my head...

    Re the wheels, theres so much conflicting information about. Filling the arches without having to do a load of arch work seems to be the key (depending what you want). I understand 15" is the best set up and 195/50/15 is near as dam it the same rolling radius as original. I went with 15 x 6.5 ET25 and they look a lot better but the rears still don't fill the arch as much as I would like. Your 16" x 8 ET25 might be a push but when I was researching some said they were fine, some said the had to roll the arches so i'm none the wiser.

    Welcome and good luck.

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