Hi All,

I'm an ex-Mk MR2 owner not once, but twice: My first was in 1987, and was a red E-reg as I recall. When it came time to replace it, we got a white G-reg. One year we went on holiday in southern France and drove down in convoy with some friends who had a red MR2 which caused a lot of heads to turn as we motored through the French countryside. MR2s were not common over there, and we kept getting asked where the engine was! If we could have found a Blue MR2 to join us, we'd have made our own version of the Italian job.

I'd love to post photos of the cars, but don't seem to be allowed to post attachments from my computer.

To cut a long story short, I have some OEM roof bars than need a new home.

At some point during our MR2 owning period (probably when we got the white one in 1989) we bought some OEM roof bars to go with it. They were only used a couple of times, and when the car was returned (it was a company car) the bars stayed with us and ended up forgotten in storage in various places over the next 30 years. I recently came across them when clearing out our basement, and this forum seemed like a good place to make people aware. I would have liked to post this in the "For Sale" section, but don't seem to be able to create a thread. I think they are quire rare but I have no idea of value so have listed them on ebay, where they can be found by searching for "Toyota MR2 MK1 W10 AW11 - OEM Ski bars / Roof rack"

Kind regards