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Thread: Even more parts for sale

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    Even more parts for sale

    I am continuing my huge garage clear out and have found yet more parts-

    -4A-GE Vernier pulley set. Brand new in box. Made by Blox. Very smart blue anodised CNC machined. 50
    -Brand new genuine Toyota differential bearings 80
    -Various diff bearing shims ???
    -Brand new genuine Toyota cambelt tensioner pulley 40
    -Brand new genuine Toyota cam cover gaskets and seals for cam cover bolts 25
    -Pair of nicely refinished wiper arms 10
    -Genuine new Koyo clutch release bearing. Koyo is owned by Toyota and supplies their bearings. 20
    -Genuine Toyota new key blank 5
    -Mk1b new genuine Toyota radiator top mounts 25
    -Blueprint new clutch slave cylinder 30
    -Steering rack nylon bush. New genuine Toyota 10
    -Gear stick nylon bush. New genuine Toyota 10
    -Back box mounting rubbers. Genuine Toyota. Fitted to a vehicle but never used so practically new. 25
    -New CNC machined Coil pack mounting plate with a box of used Toyota coil packs. The plate allows coil packs to mount on to the 4AGE. 80
    -Practically new Alpine CDE-W233R headunit with adaptor to allow it to plug directly into MK1b loomb. Has Mk1b mounts fitted. Fits mK1B perfectly. 80
    -Plenty of drive shafts ???
    -MR2 Mk1 rear spoiler with integrated central brake light in red. Imported from Japan. Cost me- 180 purchase price, 200 in shipping, 90 import/handling duties and 100 for painting. For sale 250
    -Front LHS wing in red. Very good condition 120
    -Front RHS wing. Some rust on the lower edges but otherwise good condition. 60
    -Under inlet manifold steel water pipes. Genuine Toyota replacement parts. 35 each
    -Genuine new Toyota rear wing panel. LHS from memory. Stored in loft for 15 years! 250
    -Black headlining for sunroof model. 20

    I have literally thousands of other parts so ask if you need anything. My number is 0788 0824 035. I am based in Gloucester.
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