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Thread: Lots of parts for sale- wings, gearbox, suspension, 4AGZE

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    Lots of parts for sale- wings, gearbox, suspension, 4AGZE

    I am clearing out a whole garage full of MR2 Mk1 parts. There are probably enough parts to build a couple of cars!!

    A few of the items that I can think of are-

    -Supercharger engine bay lid in white undamaged 200
    -4agze distributor less ignition cam angle sensor unit 120
    -4agze distributor less ignition ECU 120
    -4agze distributor less ignition engine loom, mostly complete 60
    -Various random 4agze supercharger unit parts ???
    -LHS and RHS front wings in red. Fair condition (some rust on the lower edge but otherwise pretty good) 60 each
    -Frunk slam Panel in white 30
    -Front suspension standard cross brace part for the front suspension. Straight and with minimal rust. 30
    -Gearbox. Untested but believed good ???
    -Gearbox bellhousing case for 6 speed conversion 30
    -Full set of gearbox internals removed from case that was used for a 6 speed conversion 20
    -Genuine electric antenna. Untested but looks good 60
    -Mk11b front spoilers, LHS & RHS pair in red. Exceptional condition. Very little mileage since respray 80
    -Mk11b front spoiler in White. Brand new genuine Toyota part. Never fitted to a car 50 SOLD
    -Rear mud flaps in white. Fair condition 20 each
    -Lots of cassette players, mounting brackets, loom plugs etc ???
    -Radiator. Useable condition 30
    -Lots of un-cracked side skirts, triangles etc ???
    -Repair section for top edge of windscreen 40
    -All suspension parts- springs, top-mounts, arms, drop links, Tie bars, Ball joints, Rubber cushions, anti-roll bars, hubs ???
    -Rear brake disk plates. Brand new 130 SOLD
    -Loads of callipers etc
    -Corolla front callipers. Good for a mild upgrade. Direct swap for original callipers 40
    -Front valences in red. Close to perfect condition. 60 each.
    -Indoor car cover 30
    -Supercharger flywheel 40
    -Blueprint clutch. Almost new 30
    -Mk1a rear adjustable tie bar parts. Brand new in Toyota packaging. Inner joint, outer joint and threaded tube bit 150
    -Mk1a rear adjustable tie bar parts used. Inner and outer joints with good useable threads 30 each
    -Mk1b rear adjustable tie bar parts. Almost new. Inner and outer joints and threaded tube bit 130
    -Engine sump. Very little rust for one of these 30

    The above is a tiny sample of the vast collection of parts that I have. If there is anything that you need give me a call or message on 0788 0824 035. The parts are in Gloucestershire.
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    Hello mate, do you have the coolant pipe which runs across the front of the block, under / behind the supercharger unit itself? I broke mine but fixed it but would like to have a spare, as the N/A one is different!

    I can get you a photo if you like?

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    Hi. I have a 88 jdm sc & im after a alternator adjustment pulley if you have one .Thanks!

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    Is the indoor car cover a genuine Toyota one ?

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    Hi Do you have in your collection a rear tow arm inner bush for mk1b my car has been mot today and it has an advisory on this part they call it suspension rod pin bush rear offside .

    best regards


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    Hi have you got the Supercharger random parts still and if yes how much thanks

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    I was down here a few days ago for a few bits. From what I remember he still has part of the sc intake and a sc flywheel.
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    I have an SC flywheel if he doesn't have it. I have bought parts from Andrew recently, if it's the same chap. Top man!

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    hi there do you still have the front wings for sale thanks

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    Do you have an oil pressure sensor by any chance?

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