Good little read. I feel that new bushes will bring mine back to 100% also.

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if it passed the MOT then nothing needs changing. people also like to run odd tyres and change one suspension component when it fails rather than doing at mimumum an axle pair. Its easy to understand how some of these cars can become bad to drive.
In terms of a car at its best the MOT means nothing doesn't it. It's worthless once you drive out the garage, anything can happen to it. I always replace in pairs. When cars are so cheap though they are run by people on a small budget too. So sometimes you can't fault people for it. A sports cars though, you can't hide the cost cutting in its drive.

I would like to join more days out,but with work and band commitments I struggle to find time. Most are too far away for me too. I recently drove to Belgium in my Honda, it's a more comfortable car and 8+ hours I'd had enough. Some days out would be that much driving for me without the bit in the middle. Wales such as, would be 3 hours each way at least