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    1988 White T-bar

    Hi All,

    I thought I would post up as a new member. I have just bought a lovely 1988 white T-bar with leather from a top guy in Lincolnshire. I am the 3rd owner and it's got 48,000 miles with full history from new, including original invoice etc.

    It's not been restored and has very few faults, but I will take my time sorting a few things to bring it back to being like new. I do have the original teardrops which are pretty much perfect, but need new tyres as they still wear the originals! I do like the look of the non-standard alloys though (they need a refurb).

    I hope to learn a few things from the site, and look forward to many years of Toyota reliability!



    [/url]MR2 13 by , on Flickr [/IMG]
    [IMG] MR2 12 by , on Flickr [/IMG]
    [IMG] MR2 11 by , on Flickr [/IMG]
    [IMG] MR2 10 by Richard Goodworth, on Flickr [/IMG]
    [IMG] MR2 8 by , on Flickr [/IMG]
    [IMG] MR2 7 by , on Flickr [/IMG]
    [IMG] MR2 15 by , on Flickr [/IMG]
    [IMG] MR2 17 by , on Flickr [/IMG]
    [IMG] MR2 18 by , on Flickr [/IMG]
    [IMG] MR2 19 by , on Flickr [/IMG]
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