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Thread: Repair Club or Restoration Club - Leicestershire

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    Repair Club or Restoration Club - Leicestershire

    Looking to form a Repair Club or a Restoration Club in or around Leicestershire for classic cars. It can be a totally voluntary club (non profit) and be a on charitable status.

    We can hire commercial units from the council and can be booked in advance for usage. It can have all the tools and equipment for general repairs, and be properly-equipped workshop base. If things take on well, we can add on more if required.

    My current research shows that there are only two restoration clubs in the whole country.

    Majority of the car clubs do not offer this opportunity. It can open doors for enthusiasts (like myself), creating space for their restorations. You can book your car and do the work you need to do with access to all the shared equipment.

    On the other hand, I myself am struggling to do minor repairs on my classics car. I am wondering if someone can give any pointers where I can use similar facilities? I have a 1989 Toyota Celica which needs servicing etc. as it has been in the garage for almost 5 years. I am not confident with local garages here as it needs doing some work on brakes and exhaust. I have 2 more Toyota which are modern but the jobs the garages they do, it almost requires my input before they get it right. Very hard to find the right people!

    There may be potential of getting in more Toyota as I am a big fan of these cars.

    Your thoughts and opinions are highly appreciated!


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    Sadly too far from me
    I hope this gets some momentum though as its a great idea

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    Sadly too far from me
    I hope this gets some momentum though as its a great idea

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