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Thread: MR2 National Day - 2nd June 2019

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    I counted 45 Mk1's at the National Day yesterday. It was the most Mk1's i've seen in one place for ages.

    Some really rare and mint specs on show!

    Can the Mk1 Club get behind next years event and see if we can get 100 Mk1's?

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    Great to meet up with members and new, good to see lots of new interested people who have purchased mk1, all round a great day

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    Really enjoyed it, met some great people and some beautiful MK1's on show. Real shame the weather couldn't hold out - it was sunny all day down South. So I suggest next year it be held down here!

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    It was a really good day out at least until the rain set in. Toyota were there showing off the new Supra which got a lot of attention and it sounded great. Lots of MK1s many in good condition, 2 tone supercharger etc.

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