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Thread: Mk1 Supercharger Project, 6 Speed Gearbox, LSD, Charge Cooler. 2800

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    Mk1 Supercharger Project, 6 Speed Gearbox, LSD, Charge Cooler. 2800

    Hi Guys,

    After much consideration I have decided to sell my Supercharger project. Basically what I have is-

    A fully rebuilt 4A-GZE from a Corolla Levin AE101. This is the distributor less ignition version of the 4A-GZE and I believe that this is the ultimate development of this engine. It has significantly more power and torque than the MR2 Mk1 version of the engine. It has done less than 5,000 miles since a hugely expensive rebuild.

    A fully rebuilt six speed gear box with Torsen limited slip differential and MR2 Mk2 driveshafts. It has also done less than 5,000 miles since rebuild.

    A charge cooler system that uses a water to air heat exchanger from a Subaru Legacy Turbo, Celica GT4 pump and a Valeo radiator.

    This whole kit is installed in a red Mk1b sunroof model and is fully driveable so the system can be seen working and the amazing performance can be demonstrated. The chassis is rotten/scrap but the mechanicals are amazing so this will be suitable for someone to transplant into a good chassis. Since it will come as a running vehicle rather than a pile of random bits there should be little difficulty in swapping over the parts. I am certain that the swap could be done by ordinary enthusiasts with a reasonably well equipped garage or any competent motorsport type garage could do it easily.

    Here are a few details of the engine-

    -New Toyota Supercharger pistons with ceramic coated crowns used
    -New Toyota rings
    -New Supertec valves
    -New Brian Crower rods
    -New ARP head bolts
    -New Toyota head gasket
    -New ACL bearings
    -New Blueprint water pump
    -New Toyota Thermostat
    -New Toyota coolant transfer pipes (unavailable now)
    -New Toyota Sump (unavailable now)
    -New Blueprint cam belt tensioner
    -New Denso lambda sensor
    -Skimmed true flywheel
    -Upgraded Denso fuel pump
    -Injectors ultrasonically cleaned and flow tested
    -Fully working Supercharger instruments with supercharger light
    -Stainless steel exhaust
    -The skimming, boring , honing, lapping etc of the block and head was done by a professional motor sport machine shop (Maynards of Stroud) and cost over 600
    -I have only ever used it with the standard sized boost pulley (it was more than quick enough for me). With the charge cooling it should be possible to up the boost considerably.
    -Supercharger engine bay lid

    Here are a few details of the six speed gearbox-

    -All new genuine Toyota input and counter shaft bearings used
    -All new genuine Toyota differential bearings used
    -All new genuine Toyota oil seals and gaskets used
    -Torsen limited slip differential fitted
    -MR2 Mk2 drive shafts

    Here are some of the details of the charge cooler system-

    -Subaru Legacy Turbo water to air heat exchanger
    -Celica GT4 ST165 coolant pump fitted with new bearings
    -New Valeo coolant rad
    -Genuine coolant grade hoses

    The installation of these components has been very carefully done by me with lots of custom made parts that represent literally hundreds of hours of work. This is not the usual transplant that looks like the ancillaries have been poured into the engine bay and then secured to the nearest item with tie-wraps. Because all of the brackets, fixings are made this will be a quick transplant that will produce a very neat functional result.

    I have spent over 6,000 and hundreds of hours on this project so someone will be getting a bargain!
    The Car is in Cheltenham about one mile from Jn11 of the M5.

    If you have any questions give me a call on 07880 824 035.


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    Andrew, that sounds amazing. I wish I was in the position to take it on.

    Shame you have to sell it after all that work but I wish you good luck with the sale.



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    Sounds great!

    Sorry to sort of hijack...what fuel pump did you get? I'm looking to upgrade my ha pump for my gze conversion.

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    Drool ��

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    The car is now sold.

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