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Thread: 11 years but finally got one again

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    11 years but finally got one again

    Hi all!
    Just bought myself a tidy 1986 mk1 mr2.
    Apart from a bit of arch rust and a few scrapes on front bumper it's one of the cleanest mk1's I've seen for a while.
    I had my first mr2 mk1 11 years ago when I was around 21 and it all came flooding back to me.
    My only issue is that it's in kph (imported) and I can't find any info onto how to convert it to mph. I didn't know if I could even just buy a set of UK spec clocks to replace the whole lot or do I need a converter chip or something. It's an auto also so not sure if the clocks are different in that respect either. Any advice getting this sorted would be great!
    Looking forward to picking the car up this weekend!

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    Have you repaired the rust on the car ?
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