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Thread: MR2 MK1 4AGE 16v Race Engine / Gearbox / Matching Loom and ECU

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    MR2 MK1 4AGE 16v Race Engine / Gearbox / Matching Loom and ECU

    This engine was built for the final round of the MR2 Cup which the driver won. This was back in the days when Toyota supported championship and there were the usual rumblings about drivers engines so to dispel any problems, the driver had a new engine built by Rogue Motorsport using (allegedly) only new Toyota parts.

    We done four races a couple of years ago without a problem, but on a test day it started smoking so we stopped. Engine was running ok and good oil pressure. Compression was down on one cylinder. Could be a ring but have never taken it apart to check.

    Was a mega-engine when running which is a shame. It will have all the right bits and will be well-machined and balanced. Nothing done to the heads or cams as per regs.

    I have put another engine in the car (see car for sale) and had to change the ecu and loom as the donor was from a MK2b so will supply the ECU and loom if needed.

    The engine comes with a gearbox.

    I want 350 for the lot - no offers.
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