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Thread: Not another Newbie

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    Not another Newbie

    Hey Guys,

    Just thought Iíd say Hi! Iíve been a member on here for the past 10 years, just lurking in the background with the odd question thrown in.

    Today I purchased an 88 supercharger, two tone white over silver. Needs the usual rust repairs.

    A few questions.... (Here we go, heís just introduced himself and is at it already)

    White colour codes are the white and silver?

    Whereís the best place for replacement panels with a good fit. I understand most panels will need fettling, but whatís the closest fit panels for the arch and rear corner?

    Oh and last question.. Whereís can I get the electric Ariel? Previous owner humiliated the car with some form of bendy drum stick

    Appreciate any help going!


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    Hello Ash

    There are no whole replacement panels as such for the Mk1, however there are some sources for repair panels. I posed a similar question recently and this is the thread:

    My resto guy ended up using these and said they were pretty bad especially the rear corner which needed an awful lot of fettling and bore little resemblance to the original. This is the eBay page for them:

    I did find another supplier just up the road from me but they ask for 12-16 weeks from receipt of order/payment. They are all hand made to order and may well be a lot better.

    I canít help you on the colour references but Iím sure someone else could.


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    Your paint code is on the VIN plate, this article will show you how to find it
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