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Thread: Lots more parts for sale- Some new

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    Lots more parts for sale- Some new

    I am continuing my garage clear out and have unearthed lots more parts including-

    -A-post interior trims £10 each
    -A-post exterior trims. Genuine replacement part that has seen about 2000miles use only. £40
    -Oil/water heat exchanger £15
    -Under seat woofer £15
    -Brass heater matrix pipes £30 pick up only
    -Heater matrix £25
    -Heater controls mk1b £20
    -Drivers side c-post interior trim in black £20
    -Under-shield set £30 pick up only
    -Door handles. Door vent part £???
    -Electric window mechanism£20
    -Front indicator. With good securing studs. £20
    -Headlamps, Side indicators, Rear Lights £???
    -Mk1b ashtray £20
    -Fuel pump £25
    -Level sender £15
    -Solenoid for cold idle conversion. Toyota part £20 SOLD
    -Loads of hoses £???
    -Genuine Toyota head gasket kit. Has been knocking around my workshop for a few years and looks to be mostly complete £40 SOLD
    -Front brake disc backing plates. In exceptional condition £20 each SOLD
    -Jimi throttle cable bracket £15 SOLD
    -Set of front and rear anti roll bar poly bush type rubbers. £15
    -New Toyota, Front suspension, strut bar cushion. Part48674-17010. Set of four. Also two new collar bushes to go with the cushions part 90387-16108 £25 SOLD
    -Two genuine Toyota brand new front anti roll bar rubbers part 48815-17010 £15
    -Prothane steering rack clamp bushes £10
    -Five new side skirt nylon retainer parts. Part 90189-06064 £10
    -Seven brake hose retaining spring clips. Brand new. Part 90468-08034 £5
    -Gear shifter nylon bush. Brand new, part 33556-17010 £5

    I also have thousands of other parts. If you need anything send a message or call me on 0788 0824 035. All of the parts are in Gloucester.
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    I would be interested in the Genuine Toyota Head Gasket Kit.
    Where are you located ?

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    I am in Gloucester.

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    Ok, that is too far, any chance of posting it? Do you know what bits are missing?

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    I can post.

    Regarding what is missing it is hard to say since I don't know what the kit contained in the first place. If you PM me an email address I can send you a picture of the kit so you can see what is present.


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    Hi. Looking for front tie/torsion bar bushes. The bar links to the chassis & the bushes are round with steel inserts if that helps? Thanks!
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