Hi guys. As you may know I sold my very last MR2 Mk1 last week, however before it was collect by it's new owner I took the opportunity to create this...

Buying Guide: How to buy a 1987 Toyota MR2 Mark 1 - Advice from a specialist - What to look for?

Buying your first classic car can be a tricky process, it can be daunting going to see a classic which you may know very little about. This video is designed to help those new to the MR2 Mk1 with some general and model specific advice and pointers.

May be worth a share? I'm sure this will help to the MR2 noobs's entering the scene.

If you like it then a 'Like' on YouTube would be fantastic. I have made a second buyers guide, this time on the VW Golf Gti Mk2, which will be uploaded soon. Others will be created and added in time if it seems that people are watching them and that they are being of help.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel.


Thank you all for your support and input over the years