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    Domain name

    Hey guys,

    Trying to build some karma - as I'm going to need plenty of mechanical advice getting my MK1 running nicely again after being garaged for 5 years whilst rebuilding. I've been a forum lurker for quite a while so thought I'd offer my help for once.

    What's happened to the domain name? It's appearing as for me - and looks like Google's index it as such. If you've got a 'proper' domain name you need to set up 301 redirects from the old domain to the new one to let Google know not to index the old domain. Sorry if you already know this, just thought it might help.

    I'm a web/application developer so if you need any help with the site, let me know - happy to help out with anything.


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    Hi Matt,

    Cheers for the offer but it's all as it should be, so to speak.

    I migrated the website over to a VPS a few weeks ago but all of the front end was appearing as a blank white page, so I redirected the domain back to the original web hosting. I think I've cracked the white page issue; just need to put my theory into practice. Once I've sorted that then we'll return to the proper domain name of

    There is a wealth of knowledge on the site and I'm sure you'll fine people to help.

    Where about's are you based?


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    No worries Tom, sounds like you need to turn ye old error reporting on to find out what's causing your white pages or it could be a htaccess directive throwing a wobbly. However, sounds like you've got it covered.

    I'm based near Plymouth, Devon. Be sure to let me know if I can be of any help

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    Hi Matt and welcome, we have had a bit of a nightmare with our web hosting in the last few months. I won't go into what happened but poor old (or should I say young) Tom has been left with a lot of work to do to sort it out. We all have full time jobs (well mine is more part time really) so unfortunately it takes a little longer to sort out.

    If you have any questions about your car just ask and we will try and help as much as we can

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