Has anyone been fortunate enough to do back to back track testing of the various tyres available for the 750M/C Roadsports series, which are basically, lists 1A and 1B of the MSA Blue Book permitted tyres?????

I am preparing a MK1 MR2 for the series (class C with 140bhp/ton) and am seeking the best tyre, dual purpose for the dry and the wet. For dry only, Toyo R888's would be favourite, but they are pretty lethal in the wet (I can personally vouch for that following a huge off at Brands in heavy rain, sustaining 3 broken ribs and huge concussion). Cost has to be considered and Toyo R1R's or T1R's seem to be good value. Michelin Sports and Yoko Advan 048's too, but there are a huge range to chose from.

Any feedback would be most gratefully received.

Lee Barton