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Thread: Dan @ Adrian Flux Insurance

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    Dan @ Adrian Flux Insurance

    Hi everyone.

    This is just a short introduction, Iím Dan and Iíve worked for Adrian Flux Insurance for nearly 23 years.

    If any of you on here have any general insurance queries or specific problems with Adrian Flux insurance please let me know. I have handpicked a small but dedicated team of staff who with me will try and assist you wherever possible. I can assure you we will be completely impartial despite being on the payroll of Adrian Flux. If we have messed-up we will acknowledge that and make efforts to get it corrected. If any of you do not understand an insurerís viewpoint we will do our best to clearly explain it.

    It could be problems ranging from simple paperwork issues to major claim disputes. With our many years of experience we should be able to answer most queries immediately. If there were issues or a problem that we canít answer directly we would ensure that a relevant manager investigates these and we would then be able to relay an answer back.

    I hope this will be of some help for you.

    On behalf of myself and my team, thanks very much.


    Adrian Flux Insurance Services

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    Hello Dan,

    Nice to see you on here. Was with Flux for 5 years with my n/a but importing an SC was just too much to handle and Sky were able to handle it. As their customer service was excellent, I will be seeking to renew with them next month but I hope you pick up some business here and it becomes worth your while hanging about.


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    Great Dan

    My modified MR2 is insured with you at present, Looking for a small 'practical' car at present maybe a 205. Will hopefully be using Adrian Flux for that as well. Any good ideas for reducing insurance costs on cars when my NCB is tied up on my modified car?


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    I have just tried to insure my sons moped with Adrian Flux and after much messing about I have no insurance and am £18 worse of for the experience. I have had car policies in the past but after this saga I won't in the future.

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