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6th May 2011, 02:14 PM
Year: 1989

Mileage: 123K

Tax: May 2011

MOT: May 2012

Pics: see below


Price:725 ono

Contact details:badenkb@hotmail.com (or pm)

This has just passed its MOT and has been my super reliable winter car . I am now selling as I need 4 seats and another project is underway. Since buying last autumn I have done the following:

Engine out for gearbox swap (old one had worn bearings) and replace clutch and clutch release bearing
NS wing changed (for new old stock in correct colour)
Light refurb of alloy wheels and coloured the teardrops
Replacement used exhaust system
Welded repairs to rears of sills (NS and OS)- sills are sound on this car under the spoilers (which were removed to check)
Cambelt changed
Oil, fuel and air filter changed
New Bosch battery
Magnecor HT leads
New dizzy cap and arm
General engine tidy up whilst engine was out
Coolant changed and bled
A posts checked and waxoiled
Sills waxoiled
Rear arches generally OK for a MK1-some bubbling on os and ns rubbed down
Weeping NS brake hose changed for new

Car runs great , idling at 900 rpm or so from cold. The TVIS butterfly valves do their thing at 4750rpm ;D. I have periodically also added more rust proofing to the sills and the A posts. My hasty repair on the rear arches is due a better repair really and the repair at the base of the rear arches is crude but solid (I was very short on time for this last bit!!)

The MOT highlighted two advisories - of slight ball joint play and a minor exhaust gas leak between the two rear boxes (at the joint).
I have plenty of images of the work undertaken on the car.

29th May 2011, 11:07 AM
Sold thanks