View Full Version : What to check if you're not receiving PMs

12th April 2011, 11:11 PM
If you're having problems receiving PMs, but you know you're being sent some through email notifications, one thing to check is that you haven't exceeded your mailbox limit. The forum has been set up such that when you reach your limit, old PMs will not be automatically deleted, but instead you have to delete enough yourself to allow space for the new ones. All normal members have 50 PMs allowed within their inbox; reach this limit and any further PMs will be held in the system until you clear out your 'box.
In this situation, you will see the below text at the top of your inbox:

Delete one (or several) PMs by:
1) select the ones you wish to delete using the checkbox next to the relevant messages, then at the bottom, in the drop down list initially saying "Mark/unmark as important" is the option to delete checked messages. Choose "Delete Marked" then click go. You'll need to confirm you want to do this action, then they will be gone.
2) While viewing a PM, on the bottom right is a button with a cross in it. Clicking this initiates the action to delete that PM.

With enough PMs deleted, you can now 'release' the held PMs. Back in your inbox, you will have to click on the text shown in the image above saying "Release all on hold messages..."

Doing this will restore the 'missing' PMs to your inbox on the forum so you can view them.