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31st March 2011, 07:56 AM
Unfortunately i have come to the decision that my second mk1.5 project is a project to many, especially with how much time my track car is taking up, so i think it i best to let someone else have a go with it!

The car has been owned by several members on here including Alex (speedy) and Si Taylor, from whom i bought it with the intention of tidying it up and using it as a nice summer car. But as above have not got round to it, and i cant see myself having much time this year to do it

The conversion is built on a SC shell, so includes the SC engine lid and rear lights, aswell as bronze tinted glass including the T bars. The windscreen has been replaced with a UK spec one though.

The rev 2 engine needs a good service, and has an oil leak (i have not investigated where from)

Standard intercooler is mounted in the boot.

A vented boot lid is included in the sale but will need spraying

I know some welding will be needed to get it through its MOT, as there is some rust around one of the drain grommits under the drivers seat

Suspension is superflex polybushed all round, with Boge lowering springs (covered about 200 miles!) and KYB inserts

Rear roll bar is a high and tight uprated one

Car has a cat1 toad alarm fitted, though some of the sensors are missing (a complete spare alarm is included)

Brakes are yellow stuff front, carbotechs rear, with goodrich braided lines

One rear arch needs attention, as does one front wing, as far as i know sills are OK

Doors have been replaced by ones with handles :thumleft: Though original dehandled doors are included

Interior has had carpets stripped (so you can check floorpans properly!)

MOMO steering wheel and boss are included

NO tax or MOT

Be under no illusion, this car needs a lot of work, but price is reflective of the many parts on it.

More pics to follow at the weekend



31st March 2011, 09:11 AM
To add, the car is located in congleton, just south of manchester

Wheels wise, the car will be sold with a set of standard teardrops.



2nd April 2011, 11:18 AM
car now sold

2nd April 2011, 01:33 PM
wow! that was quick :+: