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30th January 2011, 05:49 PM
Hello, after much soul searching I have decided to part with my MR2. This is due mainly to a change in my employment status and the fact that since owning this car and using it daily I have somewhat neglected the family car and will need this once the camping season starts.

I have owned the car for 6 months and not had a problem other than a loose ht lead. Well I say not had a problem but I mean mechanically, I have however had a wet bum for most of the winter as the t bar seals do leak, common I know and its the price you pay for roof off summer driving. It looks like previous owners have tried most of the resealing tricks bar actually replacing the seals.

The body work shows evidence of previous repairs. The front drivers side wing has very little signs of rust but the passenger wing has rust bubbling through at the bottom towards the front. At the rear the passenger arch seems to have had a repair panel fixed to the rear corner and there is little sign of rust, the drivers rear arch has rust coming through towards the bottom rear of the arch and the corner piece is rusted through on the bottom. There is also rust along the top of the windscreen.

The windscreen itself has a scratch from the wiper are and two chips. It is not cracked and passed its last mot with these defects.

The electric ariel has been replaced and is fully functional but does require paint work around where it is located.

Other than that the rest of the paintwork comes up really well when polished although a few edges must have been cut back to far in the past as there are some white edges on the bonnet and engine cover. The inside of both doors are in great condition.

All electrics work on the car and it is fitted with a jvc cd/mp3 player and I have replaced the rear speakers as they had blown.

The interior is in pretty good nick, I replaced the old seats with better ones as the leather was completely wrecked. The new leather seats are worn in but not ripped although it has split along one of the stiched bits on the drivers seat, this needs restitching and I cant sew a button on a shirt.

The ashtray is ok and the lighter is there. The steering wheel leather is worn a bit.

It has 15" wolfrace alloys in good condition, alittle kerbing and paint peel but nothing to bad. The Yokohama tyres are very good and replaced not long before I bought it plenty of tread on all four.

The spare is one of the original teardrops and the toolkit, jack and chock are all present as are the sun blinds but not the t bar glass bags.

It has a stainless steel exhaust with 4 tail pipes, k&n filter, trd oil filler cap and Jimi throttle cable. The exhaust is quite loud on motorway journeys but I have really enjoyed the sound.

Its covered 133447 miles and really does drive very well, the engine warms up to just over halfway on the gauge and stays there. The car stops fine but does have a judder under heavy braking which is probably the disks.

There is no service history the only paper work I have is the v5c and the mot. It only has one set of keys and when I say keys I mean one for every lock.

I really do love this car having owned a Mk2 I must say that this if much more fun to drive and in the time I have owned it I have only seen one other whilst driving around.

I use it daily but since changing my role at work recently it spends a lot of time sat in traffic on the Runcorn bridge and what with the kids I have to accept that as much as I love my car and have spent quite a bit on it, in the long run its just not practical.

If anybody is interested please feel free to come and have a look at just let me know.

There is one months tax remaining and the mot runs out 0n 26.7.11.

Im based in Widnes

I am looking for offers around 750 quid

Here are the pics, I have loads more if anybody wants them emailing.









http://www.mr2mk1club.com/images/imported/2011/01/SDC10441-1.jpg :(

30th January 2011, 09:59 PM
looks really nice mate, very cheap if you ask me and on that basis makes mine worth about a Fiver and a bag of chips!
how do rate the parada's? think they look awesome, any good in the wet?

30th January 2011, 10:34 PM
Cheers mate, Your comments on the price, I find it really hard to gauge the price of mk1`s, they seem to vary so much. I think the price reflects condition of the car. In the pics it does look great but on closer inspection the paintwork does show its age. Its still an ace car and Im still not sure if this is the right thing to do but in my current circumstances seems the most sensible. If I keep it and get my granny carrier honda up and going again then it will just sit on the drive and eventually become sorn and mot less like the Honda is now. Ive been having so much fun in the 2 that I just left my family car on the drive. The tyres have been great in all conditions including the snow, the tread pattern is certainly cool looking.

31st January 2011, 11:16 PM
This is a nice honest ad & looks to be a bit of a bargain GLWTS