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19th January 2011, 04:05 PM
1990 Toyota Mr2 Mk1b
TAX Aug 2011
MOT Feb 2012
153k Miles (135777 on original engine)
Rear Arches splitting
Immaculate interior

Engine Modifications

Magnecor Blue 8mm HT Leads
Jimi Bracket
Blitz SUS Air Filter (mounted in boot)
Stainless Steel Powerflow Exhaust System
Fully Rebuilt Engine from Rogue Motorsport – 0.5mm oversize pistons, all new gaskets, new cambelt.
Refurbished Red Top Rocker Covers

Exterior Modifications

Genuine Toyota Clear Front Lenses
Clear Indicators
15” Toyota MR-S Roadster Alloys – Refurbished in gun metal grey
Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 195/50/15 V-Rated tyres
Supercharger Rear Lights
US Rear Number Plate





Interior Modifications

White leather gear stick gaitor
White leather hand brake gaitor
Supercharger Door Cards with Auto-Up Window controls (driver’s side only)
Sony CD/MP3/USB/IPOD Compatible ICE
Infinity Reference 4” Front Speakers
JL Audio 3.5” Rear Speakers
Screaming Eagle replacement Gear Selector Badge
Momo ‘Jet’ Steering wheel Phoenix Gold XS2500 Amplifier
JL Audio 10” W3 V2 Subwoofer



Grooved Rear Discs + Yellow Stuff Racing Pads
Standard Front Vented Discs + Green Stuff Racing Pads
HEL Yellow Braided Brake Hoses


Koni Adjustables with Lesfor Springs, lowered 30mm
All new genuine bottom ball joints, track rods, drop links
Superflex Front Tie Bushes
Adjustable Stainless Steel rear Tie Rods
Mk2 Turbo 19mm diameter Rear ARB with superflex bushes


I bought this car in May 2007 where I have covered 90k miles. It has let me down twice –both incidents happened where my clutch exploded and disintegrated during work hours. The first clutch was replaced with an EBC brand and the second and more recent Blueprint. The clutch fluid was replaced at the same time. The gearbox oil has recently been topped up with Castrol EP80.

The engine developed a bottom end knock so I purchased a fully rebuilt engine from Rogue Motorsport (receipt included) and installed it over a weekend in May 2010. The damage to the original engine was down to a worn no2 big end bearing. I drove at varied RPMs for the first 2,500 miles to wear the engine in. I changed the oil after this point and have changed it every 5,000 since. I use Mobil SuperS 10/40. The engine had all the gaskets replaced by Rogue, included the flywheel and crankshaft seals. All the ancillaries were removed from my old engine and put onto the new one. New injector seals and o-rings were purchased by me. I have the receipt from Rogue for the supply of the engine.

The coolant was completely changed using Toyota 4Life Red coolant.

I had the suspension overhauled in Feb 2008 with the Koni Suspension Sport kit, where I had all new (Toyota, so not cheap eBay crap) drop links, track rods, tie rod bushes and bottom ball joints replaced all at the same time. Stainless Steel adjustable rear tie bars were then purchased ready for a 4-wheel laser alignment. I have a receipt for all the work carried out regarding the suspension change and the 4-wheel alignment. Rear tie bars were purchased from SBits.

The brakes have been changed over the last 3 years with mainly uprated pads. I did have grooved front discs as well as the rear but found that these warped very quickly indeed so I reverted to the standard front vented discs and have had green stuff racing pads put on. I have yellow stuff racing rear pads and the car stops very well indeed. I also had HEL braided brake hoses installed in October 2009 with a full brake fluid change at the same time.

I purchased a set of Supercharger MR2 rear lights and this makes a massive difference the rear of the car. The original N/A light gaskets were used as they are the same. I have recently purchased and fitted the correct bootlock and have two keys for it.

The car starts first time, every time, with no knocking or rattley noises emanating from the engine bay. The new engine is so much crisper acceleration wise as the previous engine. MPG has increased and I can average around 38-45 MPG, getting 250-300 miles to a tank of fuel. I have recently had a power run carried out on the car and the estimated power at the flywheel measured at 130.6BHP, the real wheel power was at 107.6 BHP – I have the printout to prove these figures if needed.

The front wings have been replaced, one being steel, the other with a fiberglass wing. There are a few scratches on the front bumper and bonnet as you’d expect.

The rear wings were filled in February 2009 and have cracked since. Passenger side is much worse than drivers, but I will be getting these professionally cut out, re-welded, painted and lacquered during the spring.

I am in the process of refurbishing my Mk3 Roadster alloys (see pic) – they will be in gun metal grey and have Yoko Advan Neova Ad08s wrapped around them. I have gone through quite a few different brands and these by a long shot the best I have ever had. I rate them above Goodyear Eagle F1s which most people swear by! Incredible handling in the wet, unfortunately haven’t been able to test them in the dry due to the weather but they feel very, very good.


The electric aerial does not work, but whose does??

That about wraps it up, I am just after a basic valuation, but will be looking to sell in September.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

25th January 2011, 09:51 AM
Is no one going to comment?

25th January 2011, 01:05 PM
I am no mk1 expert, but I would say your car is a hard one to comment on the price.
The reason being that you have spent a lot of money refurbishing the engine and that does have some value, but on the other hand it doesn´t because no car would sell if it didn´t have a working engine.

The other thing I notices is that you have one steel front wing and the other one is fibre glass ?
Is that common ?

With all the rust gone out of the rear wing I would say 2k ? again, I am no expert in aw11, been in this game for a couple of months only ...

Cheers :)

25th January 2011, 02:09 PM

Thanks for your comments.

Regarding the front wings, I bought a steel one originally but then decided to try the honeybourne wings for £39 which are a crap fit (IMO) so thats the reason why.