View Full Version : F reg white Mk1b *sunroof*, blue trim. Part renovated

4th November 2010, 10:10 PM
Car is regularly in both Fleetwood / Liverpool areas.

Just passed MOT today after comprehensive job on the structural welding
Taxed till.. at a guess 6 months tax left, will adjust price accordingly if less
Interior almost spotless
Engine seems fine - has had new alternator and water pump
New battery 2 years ago, starts & charges fine
No 5th gear popout
Radiator replaced with a good secondhand unit last year
Brakes and pads okay, discs okay, not brand new but plenty life left
All electrics work except leccy aerial
5 almost new tyres
Pepperpots not the worst I've seen but do need attention
Original Toyota Cruise Control system installed (albeit as retrofit)
Suspension fine, has had new front bushes & a 4-wheel alignment
Shocks & springs are original but seem okay
Some non-structural body areas will need fillering & spraying but arches are ok
Loads of history. Search this & other MR2 forums on my username for a good deal of info
161282 miles

The missus doesn't like her because she competes for my time, so with a 1 year old son & another on the way she needs a new home where she can get the attention she deserves :cry:

She does need work but, the welding should be done for a good long while now & she would suit someone who wanted a good base to bring up to a real nice standard.

"Realistic Offers Invited". Pics to follow.

4th November 2010, 10:39 PM
Tintop or sunroof?

Interested if tintop.

5th November 2010, 02:32 AM
Yes it's a tintop, I will photograph the worst of it tomorrow so you can get a realistic idea of what's left to do. The skirts are off at the mo so you'll be able to get a good look at the sills.

[edit] Also found a spare exhaust, ecu & box along with other assorted bits and bobs which can go with the car if wanted.

It's been my aim in these pics to show you the worst areas of the car so you can try & gauge whether it's worth a look in person. All visible rust is pretty much surface & will disappear after a few seconds application of rust etch; just didn't have time this morning to dolly it up. Where you see great splodges of grey, it's where I've already cut out / dissolved away the rust back to bare metal & then applied zinc182 just to keep further rust out as a temporary measure, this seems to have worked okay, the rust hasn't progressed further underneath the zinc paint to any appreciable degree since I cut and etched (with phosphoric acid).

Time & date on camera is wrong sorry, pics really were taken today honest :lol: forgot to get some sill detail, will get those tomorrow

All holes visible could be cosmetically finished with an application of filler on mesh; everything structural has been fully seam welded.

All trim is in pretty good condition & present, skirts, quadrants, plastic arch liners etc - they're removed at the mo though.


7th November 2010, 12:40 PM
am intrested too, do you more images of the car and inside. any paper work? history.. if tin top, does that mean its a import?

7th November 2010, 02:14 PM
Sorry to disappoint chaps. Goofed up calling it a tintop, it's a sunroof & not an import.

I have a little more time right now since our lad's 1st birthday's come and gone so yes, will get some more pics. There's an A4 box file brimming with history, I'll go through it & list out the highlights.

Continuing to work on the car at a slow rate but the missus has won the battle & she must go within a shortish timescale now & I'll accept less money for the state she's currently in, or if anybody wants more of a completed project, I'll probably get round the bodywork gradually..

Would consider a swap for what-have-you. Particularly interested in pre-1973 classics needing love & attention or a half decent diesel genny ;)