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1st October 2010, 07:23 PM
Late model Supercharged Mark 1 MR2

89,700 miles – (144500 km)

Mica Blue late model T Bar supercharger; one of the last mk1's made. This model is G-Limited.

Taxed to 31st October 2010

MOT until March 2011

Toad alarm and immoblizer fitted

Very full service/ parts history and just fully serviced in March 2010

Also just before I purchased the car (January 2008), it had a big service at Mac1 Motorsport with new oilpan, oil filter, oil, air filter, gearbox oil, brake fluid.

The car has never been in any accidents and is HIP clear. (I carried out a check before I purchased the car)

Bought by me in January 2008 which seemed excellent value for a very tidy late reg. JDM genuine supercharger – not a conversion with a transplanted engine. Therefore comes with full climate control air conditioning (works perfectly), electric folding wing mirrors and correct rear panel, sc vented boot lid and a third brake light in the spoiler

The key to my purchasing the car was that the bodywork/ chassis were spot on with the car having been professionally undersealed at over £300, so no rust issues as under body/ floor pan, arches and sills are in great condition.

The car has had thousands spend, the previous owner spent well over £3000 on brand new suspension – 4 x Koni dampers and 30% up-rated springs, High and Tight anti-roll bars front and rear, adjustable drop links and camber bolts, full set of polybushes + brakes refreshed and Goodrich braided lines fitted and new pads. All professionally fitted and set up by Mac1 Motorsport. Suspension therefore effectively now as a new car – or better . .

Sparco suede steering wheel (original is still with car)

4 x Team Dynamics very lightweight 15” x 7” alloy wheels with Yokohama Parada spec 2 tyres (lots of life left in them). The alloys do not have any curb marks and are like new.

Car also comes with original space saver spare tyre, mk1 tool kit and T Bar covers.
T-bar model and is on a personalised plate: A19 GUB

I have spend a lot of money and time on the car, recently got a new Exedy clutch and a replacement gearbox which has LSD fitted (the old gearbox didn’t have LSD) According to Tony from Fensport (were the gearbox was originally purchased from) said "it is a torque bias type. There will be a little slip on one wheel before the diff locks to drive both wheels. This is the better LSD for normal road use as it is not too aggressive."

When the clutch was changed I got the larger pulley installed with a heavy duty Toyota Camry idler, a boost gauge has also been fitted. The car now has more power, reads between 11-12psi.

I purchased mirrored t-tops which look great on a dark car (Not Included). I have also replaced the carpet with one that looks brand new.

The car has also had a full re-spray a year ago, I also fitted a aftermarket front bumper lip. Not to extreme I think..

I also got a Rear Strut Bar fitted, I changed the rear brake pads and disk two months ago.

New t-bar seals, screws and clips have been fitted, does not leak as much as before, only a few drops on jet wash. I have not replaced the small plastic guides. I recommend new owner to get these. Hopefully this will make it 100percent water tight.

New exhaust bracket added

fitted new rubber trims to the side skirts

The front lights need adjusting.

The speedo reads in Kh and I do have a spare clock the convert to miles. I will let the new owner decide if they want it changing over or not..

The car has been well looked after and has been my pride and joy over the few years of ownership. Don’t really want to sell but personal circumstances forces this reluctant sale.

The drop links are on the way out, could do with replacing even though I replaced them less than 1000 miles ago. :evil:

The back boot screws/clips are missing. Driver side interior handle cover has a crack; a few other screws are missing but not a big deal as parts a available on here or ebay.







1st October 2010, 08:16 PM
As you know, Autobody, I am very interested in the car so I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the car is it is now.

1st October 2010, 08:52 PM
images added, i think i will need to resize them. if you view my folders in photobucket, you will be able to see before and after images, also image when the car when in for re-spray. I will also upload images of under the car and gearbox replacement. i have over 300 images.... regards,

3rd October 2010, 08:35 AM
:o Droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllll

3rd October 2010, 12:55 PM
This morning I thought I do a excel document of everything I spent. Am shocked to say I spent a lot more than I originally thought. Also this is not the final cost; I have missed a few things and got tired of typing. I have spent over £3,800 pounds on the car. Also the previous owner spends over £5,000. I have all the invoices of all the work/parts I have listed below.

I have Not included cost of the underseal, toad alarm and a few other bits and bobs.

Total spent by current owner £3,835.23
Total spent by previous owner £4,932.50

Total spent in last 3 years £8,767.73

Parts / cost list MR2 SC GUB

Date Part Location Price
31/08/2010 retainer bumper / Toyota £27.97
24/09/2010 Grommet / Toyota £1.65
24/09/2010 Screw / Toyota £1.13
08/04/2010 NGK spark plugs / eBay £10.71
09/04/2010 engine oil / Hal fords £55.00
09/04/2010 Toyota oil filter / Tony £10.00 ??
01/07/2010 pair of rear brake disk / Brakes international £50.98
02/07/2010 pair of rear brake pads / Camskill £17.66
23/08/2010 gauge pod holder / eBay £9.94
04/09/2010 more nuts / Toyota £15.29
13/04/2010 fuel filter / Camskill £11.95
12/05/2008 Toyota camary ideler bearing / Lezura £29.50
07/10/2008 rubber seal kit / David Hawkins £23.88
09/03/2010 taxes / fedex £32.54
05/02/2010 rear cusco strut bar / eBay £100.00
05/03/2010 HKS filter / xspower £17.10
28/02/2008 alternator referb / jj.auto £50.00
10/04/2010 battery / jj.auto £45.00
urethane bushing set / David Hawkins £10.00
Mar-10 clutch £100.00
Mar-10 redline gear oil 75w-90 x 6 £80.00
Mar-10 gearbox LSD £300.00
Mar-10 labor for cultch + pulley fitment £250.00
SBITS drop links / SBITS £69.95
short shifter / eBay £40.00
01/03/2008 new t-bar seals / kbox engineering £209.98 not fitted
t-bar screws / Tony £5.00
t-bar clips / Tony £5.00
clear side indicators £15.00
clear front indicator £20.00
rear lights seals £20.00
gear stick cover £10.00
tyers £200.00
mirror t-tops / imoc member £150.00
Janspeed exhaust (3 months old) / club member £210.00
exhaust gaskets / Tony £10.00
respray / body specialist £1,500.00
replacement driver door / eBay £50.00
side skirt black trims / mr2mk1 £20.00 ???
new floor carpet / eBay £50.00

Pervious owner invoices

magnex exhaust / exhaust technologies £280.00
04/12/2007 ECB Red Stuff Pads F+R.4x Pro race 1.2 wheels… 4x R888 SG 195/50X15..Braided Hous Kit… Bottom Ball Joints… Seat Subframe… 1x roll bar (powder coated)…2x sabelt Aircraft belts… 4xNGK Spark Plugs… 1x air filter… 1x Oil filter… 1x Valvoline Durablend 10-40w... 1x stump Bolt... 1x Castrol Responce 4 brake fluid... Geometry set up... fit new suspension, antitoll bars, drop link, polybushes, bottom ball joints, brake pads+hoses £2,491.48

11/10/2007 4x SBITS Droplink Set… 1x Replacement power window gear… 2x SPC 15MM EZ Cam Adjustable Camber Bolts… ProThane Bush Kit… Custom rear Tie Bar Set £452.80

31/10/2007 oversize hybird Pulley / Fensport £150.00
31/10/2007 4agze big pulley idler / Fensport £24.00
31/10/2007 4agze SC Belt Fensport pulley / Fensport £12.50
31/10/2007 Koni T/ADJ FT Shock / Fensport £189.00
31/10/2007 Rear Kion T/ADJ Shock / Fensport £195.00
31/10/2007 Linear Spring Kit / Fensport £119.00
31/10/2007 Fidanza Flywheel / Fensport £265.00 not fitted
31/10/2007 VAT £165.75

16/10/2007 Suspension Techniques sway bar set - aw11 mk1 mr2 / David Hawkes £391.00 $
25/10/2007 t-top eccenttic Guide Package / kbox £19.99
power window gear / kbox £19.99
Postage / kbox £6.99
steering wheel and boss kit £150.00




3rd October 2010, 01:01 PM
I wish I had the money so bad!!!!!

Its the nicest SC ive ever seen!

I hate the next owner lol

3rd October 2010, 05:37 PM
This is a simply awesome-looking car, I can't imagine it will be around for long!

Can I suggest you put your location in your profile though - that way potential buyers will know where the car is based :+:

3rd October 2010, 06:07 PM
Thanks guys, love the car to bits and only just got it looking right... :cry:

Location added (thanks),

I have managed to find images when the car was undersealed a few years back, 2007 i think.

Enjoy :)




3rd October 2010, 11:41 PM
Autobody - check your imoc pm's!

Ignore most of my questions - Most are answered in your posts having just re-read them.

Thanks for the info.

Nick Brough
4th October 2010, 04:18 AM

Do you have a contact number please.



4th October 2010, 02:31 PM
:D Hi ... LOVE the car! Have also messaged you on imoc .. cheers!

4th October 2010, 04:01 PM

Very interested.

4th October 2010, 09:14 PM
Coanda – PM replied too

Nick Brough – Sent PM with contact details

Andybo – sent you PM on IMOC

Rustyracing – replied to you via Moustachio


11th October 2010, 09:04 AM
are you interested in a swop with a roadster 02 black for the Mk1


12th October 2010, 06:42 PM
hi gracehazelby, thanks for the offer but perfer the cash...

17th October 2010, 05:27 PM
Thanks Imran - got home about an hour ago. The car was great. Think I'll change to a quieter backbox though!

17th October 2010, 08:44 PM
Car now sold, I promised 1st viewing to Phill and as expected the car sold.

Phill, My brother wanted that exhaust, he has a s/s on one his car...if you want i can change them over for you the next time am near your end.

17th October 2010, 10:36 PM
Imran, we'll see how it goes - I'll probably get used to it!