View Full Version : MK1b MOT failure (previously posted, now with pictures)

31st August 2010, 06:19 PM
Posted this a while back but have finally got round to taking some pictures for a potential buyer so have made available to all. One as a link, the others as a photo album (http://photobucket.com/egummow)


Lavished the car with goodies before it failed :-
FOX alloy wheels with good tyres all round and a new set of locking wheelnuts
Front strut brace
New front discs and mintex pads (back ones good)
Jimi bracket
Electric aerial
Engine deck gas strut

MOT failure primarily on suspension mount corrosion (mostly front) - I'd have a go at welding it myself but for the fact it's underneath and I don't own a garage ramp!

Drives extremely well (this is my 3rd MK1 and I have done ~1000 miles in it) with no 5th gear problems, the engine has done ~147k and even has a full tank of fuel. Usual rust spots (especially arches) are in excellent condition which is why I was surprised when we found the faults underneath. Interior better than any of my previous 2's but showing some signs of fading in the sun in places.

Given the added goodies, I'd like £400 for it (which from experience and looking at other cars for sale seems quite fair, given the state of the car except for the welding underneath and the extras it has). I'll give it another fortnight and if we can't find a suitable buyer then I'll be breaking it for parts (I'd really rather it wasn't but it's how it goes) and I already have a short list of people interested in the items listed.

Car is located in Barwell, Leicestershire, and my number is 07793 046580