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30th August 2010, 05:53 AM
Looking for a nice condition mk1, i can pay a deposit of £400 now and looking to pay in full on the 31st of september and collect on that date. I have a budjet of around £1000 depending on location etc. Must have tax and MOT. Not too worried about milleage, but bodywork must be nice, though a little rust is ok as will be putting money into the car to get up to standard.

13th September 2010, 10:01 PM
not too sure what area you live in, but have a look on ebay at this mk1 mr2 looks like it could be a bargain
ebay item number 170539797373

hope this might help you out

17th September 2010, 05:59 PM
Considering selling mine, it might be the sort of thing you're after. I'm near Brighton, you're free to have a look.

mk1 dal
18th September 2010, 09:54 PM
hi the best advice i can give you is save a bit more money and buy one with the body work done properly . the arches cost between £700 to £1000 to be done right , rust on top of window screen is very expensive to put right and then there the rust you don't see . i have saved 7 of these cars and nothing surprises me on where they rot . at the end off the day you get what you pay for and with a budget of a £1000 wont be much unless you drop lucky . you need a mk1 member who is close and knows the car to go with you on the viewing . if you can get the work done cheap or you have a friend who can fix it get one cheap otherwise beware you will get big bills to fix it . not trying to put you off, i looked at a members car last week to check the condition , she paid £800 for it looked a nice car on the outside , after a 10 minute check it was going to cost her more than £1500 to put right , both arches , sills ,rear sills and inner wheel arches , rear corners and front chassis need doing to bring it up to spec . i felt awful when i told her but the car failed its self and her husband brought it and had a good look at it , it still has 5 months mot :o these cars can be money pits if you buy wrong .
gary :+: