View Full Version : 1987 Red T Bar 59,000 miles for sale

Nick Brough
12th June 2010, 11:47 AM

Red T bar, very strong engine, everything working as it should, windows mirrors arial etc
only 2 former keepers.

I said I would never buy a Japanese car but finally succumbed last year.

Only wish I had done it earlier, what a fantastic car at such reasonable prices.

Brings a smile to my face every time I drive her and I have been lucky enough to own some very special cars.

The car is a first time starter, hot or cold, with excellent oil pressure, proving particulaly reliable and tractable in this years snow.
The clutch was replaced in November 2009

No 5th gear issues

Just the odd mark due to being 20 years old now

Mot untill 6/7/2011
6 months Tax

Tel Nick (01925) Warrington 244168




12th June 2010, 10:10 PM
Nice car, shouldn't hang about too long at that price ;)

Good luck with the sale

mk1 dal
12th June 2010, 11:49 PM
hi, very nice car and far far to cheap , you would pay more than that for a mk1 or mk2 ford fiesta , i would put another grand on the price if its as good as the pics .dont under sell the car its worth more than £1500 any day of the week .the mk1 is a rare car to see on the road now and if its in good condition you will get the asking price you want has you have it and they dont , i know you can pick then up for £300 off ebay but these will cost £1000s to put right if you can't do the work yourself . goodlook with the sale but at £1475
you are giving it away

gary :+:

Nick Brough
13th June 2010, 08:55 AM
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies, I did pay a lot more for her than the £1475, but she came via a main dealer who managed to loose all the paperwork so although I am 99% sure the mileage is correct just by the general wear and originality I have no proof.

Also, the car I want is in an auction at the end of the month and so need a quick sale. Going to the North West meet today to hopefully find out what the experts think.

Great thing is if she dosn't sell or I don't get the car in the auction I won't be to disappointed as I love my MR2. You guys are privy, in my opinion to one of the best kept secrets in classic cars.

Hope I don't sound arrogant, I have been lucky enough to own pre war Rolls Royces, Brough Superior, Rovers as well as more modern RS2000 mk2, MG's etc but the MR2 is the one that brings a smile to my face every time I drive her. One day the rest of the classic car scene will wake up to how good these cars are and what a bargain they are as well, only took me 30 years to do the same!!!



Nick Brough
25th June 2010, 10:09 PM

I'm afraid the TVR 400SE that I was after went to high for me so I will be keeping the MR2. After driving a couple before the sale I am not to disappointed as my and my dentists (she likes my fillings to stay in place!!!) believe the MR2 is a superior car in many ways.