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26th May 2010, 12:42 PM
Hi, I am a new member. I am testing out the Photobucket upload as it is new to me. My name is Denis and I bought my first MR2 in February this year. It has a done a genuine 46800 miles which is supported by mot's going back to 1993 and Toyota service invoices also going back to 93. Unfortunately there is no history prior to 1993 which is when the previous owner bought the car, he didn't get a service book. I have sent form 888 off to the DVLA to get info on previous owners. The car appears mostly original with some evidence of work having been carried out on the rear wheel arch lips and also the front nearside wing. Strangely, the clutch was slipping so I have put a new clutch assembly into the car, I did this myself and didn't find it too difficult. I replaced the aerial with a Maplins equivalent which cost £25, this was a simple wireing job and works just as the Toyota original did.
I hope to see some of you at the local meets. Below should be a picture of the car.

bill hulme
27th May 2010, 01:54 PM
Hi Denis, It would be great to see you at a monthly meeting the next one is the Sunday the 13th of June,you could try making your photo one size smaller. you look to have a
very clean mk1 it was a good find.
See if you can get to Tatton Park, On the 5th or 6th of June it really is a good day out
loads to see.

27th May 2010, 02:16 PM
Hi Bill, when you say reduce the pic to the next size down, is that around 600*480. The pic that I uploaded through Photobucket is 800*600 and 173k. Does the image size depend on the original photo resolution?. Hope to catch up to club members in June.