25th May 2010, 08:20 PM
Hi my name is Derek, I live in South Manchester near the Trafford Center. I need the Mk1 MR2 88 or 89 if poss, as a donor car to build a formula 1 replica, so I need things like the engine, running gear and a few other bits from the car, I don’t care if the car is a scrapper or in a complete state or no tax or MOT, but in some shape or form, the car will be brought back to life. So if you can please donate a Mk1 MR2 to me and you see a formula 1 replica driving round south Manchester area you will know that you have donated to that car. As the car will be a two seater, one behind the other, once thel Kit car is complete I will take you for a drive in it as a thank you for your donation as it is a F1 road legal car. Because it is going to be a kit car it will have to have a test and I will have to have the log book to prove the milage of the engine. it would have to be a 1.6 manual petrol engine. thanks

i dont care if all the pannels are smashed in, different colour wings, dented, smashed windows, lights dont work, falling apart dont care what the car looks like and has been an eye sore in your garden, i dont care what colour, but it has got to be an 88-89 model and must have a log book for the IVA test when the kit car is done. got to be in south manchester so i can tow it home.

Please please please please can somebody help as somebody within in this mk1 mr2 club must know some very nice person who has got one of these sat at home in the south manchester area, i can not go any further with this project until i get this mk1 :D as i have recentley been layed off as a builder so i cant afford 2 buy 1 at the moment thanks again derek

Please contact me ASAP on 07732751688

Once again many thanks Derek

25th May 2010, 08:44 PM
Hi Derek, welcome to the club :)

I have removed all of the capitals from you post - please type in lower case in future as capitals = shouting on forums ;)

This sounds like a really interesting project you have - perhaps post up in the members' intro section with some pics/details if you have any?

Good luck with the search :+: