View Full Version : MR2 Mk1b 1989 Mica Blue (Needs repair)

1st May 2010, 02:51 PM
Hi all

I am advertising this car on behalf of my parents. They have owned the car for a couple of years. It was MOT'd in Oct 2009 and failed on the following points:

- Nearside and Offside front suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded
- Nearside and Offside rear suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded
- Offside rear (inner) tie bar/rod has excessive play in a pin/bush
- Parking brake efficiency below requirements

The car has been parked all winter so we could look into getting it welded when the weather picked up. Unfortunately after jacking the car up and removing the plastic the welding required is beyong our capabilties so the car is now for sale.

It is a G reg T bar with 129k miles. It had a new front bumper bar a year or so ago along with 4 brand new Avon tyres at a cost of £320. It is also fitted with lowering springs and a stainless exhaust. The interior is in good condition although the drivers seat is cracking.

I have taken a few pictures to show the extent of the rust. I suspect it would be an easy repair for somebody.

The car is for sale at £750 with the wheels and tyres or £500 without the wheels but you would need to bring your own. These prices are fixed as there are quite a few good parts on the car that can be sold. If nobody is interested in the car as a whole it will be broken for parts.

Thanks for looking and i hope somebody can keep this car on the road.


3rd May 2010, 12:11 PM
abit overpriced mate had mine for sale 4 like 2 months at a grand and its had all the weldin done ages ago. so i would be v supriced if u gt anywhere near askin price but good luck mate

3rd May 2010, 09:10 PM
We'll see what happens for another week or so. I'd rather somebody took it as a whole and repaired it but it's worth what it's up for in parts, so if needs be i will break it.

6th May 2010, 08:44 AM
this would be a huge welding project, and you can pick these up for <£500.
my guess is it would be more value as spares

the spares worth something off the top of my head;
front bumper bar
alloys / tyres
maybe soem body panels

etc etc
it would be nice to keep these cars on the road, but it may mean giving it away as it will cost a lot to repair

mk1 dal
7th May 2010, 04:51 AM
hi ,£500 is to still to much ,more like 300 max in the real world minus the wheels ,i dont mean to be harsh but thats all its worth in its condition :-: i know its worth more in parts but it would be a shame to scrap it . i could save the car and i do love the colour , but not at £750 .