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11th April 2010, 01:24 PM

I posted this message on general forum but if I get an answer answer from too far it might be useless so I post it again for my area : The 18th of january, I was hit by a van in my town Cambridge. The van driver recognized his fault. Half the trunk and a rear wing are destroyed. First the driver wanted to pay rather than involving his insurance and it was clear that he had no idea of the cost of this kind of damage. I told him to wait a quote for deciding such a thing, I went to the body shop agreed by my own insurance and got the quote : 2200 £. Oups... The driver decided to involve his insurance, Direct Line, who then called me and aknowledged full liability. But after sending their ingeener, I received a cheque of 950£. This ingeener had looked the dealers car values and refused to consider the refurbisments I did on my car, even a second MR2 I bought for parts last autumn. Then I was called twice by a car removal enterprise who pretended picking up my car because it was wrote off, which I easily refused as when my car is parked, it is in my own drive way. The car has actually no mechanical damage and is drivable a part broken lights. As a result the case is now between hands of my insurance broker legal assistance. A part for gathering my refurbishment bills and proofs that an MK1 might be an asset, he said that I have to ask an inspection by another ingeener. Here is my problem : given the experience with the ingeener sent by Direct Line who barely knew what was this car, I don't want to just look in the yellow pages for finding another one. Every data of Mr Right Ingeener would be welcome.
Thank you very much, and by the way, I always knew that if I was causing an accident, my own insurance would not pay beyond the value for which I insured the car (2700£) but I never thought that being not in fault at all, I could enter in such troubles with nobody to assume the damage caused by another vehicle. Learning every day...