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22nd February 2010, 08:40 PM
Sadly I have to trim down my mk1 ownership to just 1 as I am buying a flat.

Im sure lots of you know of or have seen the car:


The car will not come with the alloys in the photo, but will have standard teardop alloys instead.

Good Points:

Tax and MOT til the end of MAY
Mechanically it starts on the button and runs very well.
Apex Spings and KYB shocks.
New front end, with a brand new toyota drivers wing and very good s/h passenger wing all sprayed with lots of hammerite.
Magnecor HT Leads
K+N Filter
Cobra Monaco seat.
Willans harness.

Bad points:

It is a nail.
To stop rust around the windscreen I have cut it out, treated the bare metal and filled it with mastic.
The rear arches are now made in part from expanding foam. Again I have cut out the rust, treated it and reformed the arch using foam.

Under my ownership it has had brand new brake discs and several sets of pads (obviously!), all new ignition components, oil and filter changed every 3000 miles, new timing belt, new clutch.
I have both cared for and thrashed this car, but I haven't done a trackday in almost a year, so it seems a waste for me to keep it when someone else could be having fun.

This is not a car you should buy to love, you should view it as £500 worth of diposable fun. Buy it, bin it into some barrier at the a track and not worry about it!

First with close to £500 cash takes it.

Car is near croydon, south london.

22nd February 2010, 09:05 PM
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22nd February 2010, 09:15 PM
The car does not have a roll cage fitted as this makes road insurance harder to come by.

The car is stripped interior wise, but not to an extreme. The dash is fully intact and you can still fit a stereo for the long journeys to and from track as I have left the connctions there. Other than that, all the bitumen has been removed, and painted over in... hammerite :lol:

It has a lovely blue standard seat fitted at the moment for carrying passengers to the track, but this is only 4 bolts, and its out - saving 15kg and the weight of the passenger on the track!

The chassis iteslf is solid enough. I bought it 5 years ago because it was solid, i'll have a closer inspection tommorrow, but it passed it's MOT fine.

I built it purely with the intention of being able to drive to and from a trackday and take part, so i suppose the correct definition would be a road-legal track oriented mk1. But it is definately NOT fun to drive daily. I have done 150 miles in it, and the suspension is seriously stiff and the seat provides no cushioning to help with this, nor does the harness lend itself to negotiating Hangar Lane gyratory!

24th February 2010, 03:58 PM
Car is non longer for sale as it is going toward scrappage for a new car.

Parts will be available off it soon.

24th February 2010, 05:10 PM
dibs on seat and harness please