View Full Version : Ideas for the new year

3rd December 2009, 01:48 PM
Hi all,

I'm looking at getting a few events organised for next year to really boost the Yorkshire following of the Mk1 MR2 Club. A few events might include:

Summer BBQ(s)[/*:m:1ut1z50p]
Factory Tour of Z-Cars (http://www.zcars.org.uk)[/*:m:1ut1z50p]
Various organised runs into Yorkshire Moors, Dales and Peak District[/*:m:1ut1z50p]
Monthly meets continuing at Monk Fryston[/*:m:1ut1z50p]
Rolling road day[/*:m:1ut1z50p]
Rising Sun Car Show - May time in Lincoln[/*:m:1ut1z50p]
Workshop sessions possibly at my house when I've cleared out my garage (Douglas can vouch for my bacon butties and tea making skills. :) )[/*:m:1ut1z50p]
Hull car show[/*:m:1ut1z50p]

What does everyone think?

For the bigger events it would be nice to bring in other areas such as the North West, North East and the Midlands lot.

If anyone else has any ideas then please suggest them and we'll try and get a good variety of events that hopefully will give everyone a chance to go to at least a few.