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11th November 2009, 09:34 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm going to be selling my Mk1 very soon once I have finished putting it all back together. This has been my ongoing project that I have spent many many months doing. I work as a technician for a VW dealership so all the work has been carried out by myself (Apart from the re-spray..) and I am one fussy bugger!

I purchased the car cheap about three years ago with a knocking bottom end as all I wanted was a half decent shell. It had the standard rotten rear arches but repairable. I already had a white Mk1 with the silver top 4AGE 20 valve engine fitted by the previous owner. I have a bill from Fensport showing £1774 for this conversion which included a new clutch. This white Mk1 was so far gone regarding the body that i just decided to swap over the engine. So I did this myself and scrapped the old engine and rotten shell.

The Red Mk1 with it's new 20v engine then sat in my friends stable for about a year and a half until I finally pulled my finger out and started with the bodywork. (Periodic engine starts were performed to keep everything serviceable.) I cut every rotten piece of metal out and welded in new panels. Including both inner rear arches and the six piece repair sections for the outer rear arches. The front wings were a little scabby but easily salvageable. The sills were surprisingly solid. I replaced the front bumper bar as it had practically vanished due to corrosion! This was the same for the radiator which I also replaced. All the bolts that sheared off were drilled, tapped and replaced using copper grease. That in itself took the best part of two days to finish.

With the help of a friend who works in a body shop, the car was smoothed and prepped ready for re-spraying which was booked in in the next few days. I took these few days to change the oil and filter and go over the car with a fine tooth comb, ready for an MOT when it comes out after paint. I replaced all flexi hoses with the braided type (Only because they were half the price of normal ones!) as they looked in terrible condition. Replaced the rear pads and discs too and the brake fluid. There was a small hole on the floor pan which was dealt with also. Everything else was spot on. Nothing worn or 'advisory'.

The car was fresh out of the body shop on Monday 2nd Nov and it looks incredible. Super Red 3E5 base colour then lacquered so it'll never turn that awful pink!! I removed every piece of trim i could so the paint job was spot on. The standard body kit and spoiler were all removed and sprayed individually. I took three days off work to rebuild and am very particular which is probably why I didn't finish it within the three days. I'm almost done, just need to finish spraying the wheels and little bits here and there. I will replace the timing belt when i get a chance (Was replaced when I swapped over the engine but it has been sitting since). I purchased all the original looking stickers from crazylegs Kev which will be fitted also.

The car has 131k miles on the clock and the engine about 90k ish. I have no evidence of this except '87k' is written on the cam cover and the white Mr2 done around 3k before it was sold to me. I know that's only my word but I am extremely honest! But the engine is smooth running and smoke/rattle free and very, very responsive! For those that don't know, the silvertop engine produces 160 bhp with 20 valves, VVT on individual throttle bodies which is all in standard Toyota form. This engine replaced the supercharged engine I believe? I will attach some photos but please bare in mind I haven't finished building it back together. I'm just curious on what this Mk1 would be worth considering the engine fitted and the recent body repairs. And of course if anyone would be interested! This is a genuine reason for sale as I'm emigrating to Australia in January otherwise I would keep this until the end of time. It's very frustrating that I've spent so much time and money on this and I won't be enjoying it!

Any and all feedback will be welcomed by the people that are in the know!

Sorry for rabbiting on but I wanted to paint a thorough picture about the cars history.












Here are links to some pictures, hopefully they will work.. As I said It's not quite finished yet.