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6th March 2009, 09:42 PM
Just wondered if there are any others near Newport.

If not no worries I have enough mk1's lying about to have at least a 5 car meet everyday even if some of them don't drive.

Altho on that note My unit is on a private estate which altho its on an estate that has big puddles in places theres space about if people wanted to come down on a sunday afternoon for a meet as the main gates get closed off from the public (they'll allow all the 2's through tho) :)

good for a meeting point then there is easy access to the B roads up to Usk and Abergavenny then up through brecon if the mood was there.

8th March 2009, 10:07 PM
Hi Paff

I'm in Treforest & at the moment I've got 3 mk1's (one is in the final stages of restoration & is currently in Ireland with my brother-in-law, it should be finished in 2-3 weeks 8-) , another is in my garage awaiting restoration, hopefully in time for Summer '10 & the last one I'll be getting rid of as soon as I've stripped a few bit n pieces!).

Would love to meet up as soon as I've got a road legal Mk1! Usk-Brecon sounds great!!! :twisted: ;)

Mark :+:

9th March 2009, 12:34 AM
Cool, whereabouts in Treforest are you (drop me a pm if you don't want to disclose it on the open forum). I used to work in Parc Nantgarw and am up that way quite regular as am in a motorcycle club up that way.

10th March 2009, 06:31 PM
I'm just off the Broadway down by the takeaways/pubs/subway/dominos etc :twisted: :twisted: :mrgreen:

Not that I frequent any of the above!!! :angel: :lol:

I use them purely as geographical landmarks! ;) :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

10th March 2009, 08:09 PM
ah, I think I've seen the car.

Been a while since I was on the broadway but seem to remember a mk1 parked on a driveway once when I left my car there :)

Used to be in the club on the broadway on a weekly basis.

10th March 2009, 09:27 PM

was yours a mica blue? I think I've clocked it a few times parked outside the club? I seem to remember (although very vaguely!) that it might be a mk1.5/6 or did it have a two brutal sticker or something? Cant really remember! :crazy:

Which one of mine did you see? Got a white-over-silver 1a (in Ireland now), a black 1b t-bar (awaiting restoration) & a mica blue t-bar (for parts).

Next time you're passing give me a shout & we'll have a pint in the club! Or give me a month or so (my car should be back from Ireland by then) & we can have a pint on the way back from Usk-Brecon!! :+:

10th March 2009, 11:45 PM
Yep was a mica blue one, and was a mica blue I saw. That one of mine was a mk1.6, currently driving a stock (well stripped) mk1 while I rebuild it :) at the time the only thing brutal it had was the sticker tho :) slightly changed now :)

I'm up that way every Wed but am in a bike club based down by Bar Aqua now.

11th March 2009, 09:13 PM
Hi.. I am new to this club and live in cardiff.. I own a road legal Mark1.. I visit newport as I have friends who live there... I have owned mine for 12 months now, its in good condition with only a few small trim issues to be resolved.. Reply when you have time if your interested in chatting.. cheers.. :+:

11th March 2009, 11:17 PM
Always interested in chatting mate, finding the time is the issue usually :)

Spend most of the day down my unit playing (can't really call it work) with various mk1's, then spend most evenings and weekends there as well.

If you head to Newport to visit friends give me a shout, the units not far from there and theres a few different mk1's there at all times. You'll love the noise of the V6 :)

Anything you need for the 2 give me a shout on that as well, I have a fair few spares lying about so might ave what you need, and if I don't Toyota prices might be reasonable on some of them with the discount I get.

be good to see your car, got so many in bits and the only road legal one I have (for now) is a little bit lightweight with no interior.

12th March 2009, 09:09 PM
Rite, as soon as my car is back from Ireland I'll take her for a spin to Caerleon so you can tell me what you think?!

Also, cos I'd really love to see/hear your V6! I was toying with the idea of a PW V6 & wide-arch conversion for my black 1b t-bar but it was looking like £5-6k (V6, 4x wide-arch & full re-spray) & as much as I love the cars I'm not really sure I want to spend that kinda money on a mk1...I'm really hoping your V6 wont change my mind!!! :twisted: :crazy:

Getting back to the original topic...I'm working in Barry at the mo & "spotted" two red mk1's parked outside a house around the corner from the hospital...so theres at least a couple more mk1's in Wales!?! :+:

12th March 2009, 11:47 PM
lol @ hoping not to change your mind

Last guy that saw and heard the V6 even tho I could only drive it round the private estates asked me if I could build him one.

By the next day he had bought the Camry, he's now got the mk1 for the engine and is dropping the camry off to me at the end of the month so I can start the build.

And he came to visit in a mk1.5 :)

Oh and back on top again, I've just seen another mk1 in Caerleon, not sure whos it is as I know pretty much all of them round here. Will have to follow it next time :)

13th March 2009, 09:30 PM
Oh crap! :o I didn't realise you do engine conversions?! :shock: :shock: :shock:

On second thoughts...I dont think its such a good idea that I pay you a visit! Also, please dont come 'round my house anymore in your V6 :lol: :lol:

After much agonising I've only recently convinced myself that I can do without a Mk1.6...now you're only gonna go & undo all my hard work!!!

Noooooo! Please no more V6 talk!! :shh: :shh: :shh:

14th March 2009, 12:11 AM
An don't worry this will be the first customer V6 conversion :)

gonna be nicer than mine as well, nice stainless manifolds and whole engine detailed, tbh I'm jealous, he has more money than me tho :)

Hoping to get a load more done to get mine back on the road asap, body work and baffles for the exhaust, 122 decibels is a little too loud on idle :) managed to hit 128db's at half throttle the other day :)

Tell ya what, I'll make sure the V6 battery is flat if you come to visit :)

Gotta be honest tho, I love my little lightweight mk1 temporary car, even if it only has the 4AGE its a lovely engine.

You should visit tho, currently got with us....

2 SC's
My V6
My stripped out track slag
a 4agze conversion that is scrapping the SC and going turbo instead
and a few others stored elsewhere. Hoping to get going on the V8TT again soon tho

Good for seeing new ideas or just a chat.

16th March 2009, 11:29 PM
Wow...I'd be like a kid in a sweet shop! :o :lol:

Well...I'll have one SC, one track NAil & should I go for the V6 or the V8???!!! Hhmmm :crazy: :crazy: :lol:

Sounds great! I'll definitely be paying you a visit soon, this week is a bit busy & there's the small matter of a rugby match this weekend (C'mon Ireland!! ;) )so it'll probably be next week or the following weekend if that suits? Could pop over some evening? Whatever really?

16th March 2009, 11:52 PM
Anytime really mate, its all I do at the moment.

Morning to sort out paperwork and stuff like that, head down at about 12, stay till 6-7pm, then go for food and back usually about 7.30 when one of the other lads arrives. Stay till I either get too cold or get so tired its notwise to brandish an angle grinder :)

You let me know when you want to pop by and I'll try and make sure theres lots to see :)

Looking forward to tomorrow, its gonna be a varied day, some bodywork to do, a bit of mechanical mockup, try and fix my bike, and follow all that with a bit of suspension work on a spitfire. I have a feeling its gonna be one of those 12 hour minimum days.

the V8 unfortunatly is at another lockup at the mo


Yes the engine does intrude to the seat area :)

slag with heavy interior

V6 before rebuild and engine after rebuild (is fitted not on a stand now)

Looking sorry in the corner when it blew a head gasket, conveniently just after I moved into the unit

short vid (gotta love private estates)
http://www.mr2mk1club.com/images/imported/2009/03/th_MOV00130-1.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y227/paff/Cars%20n%20bikes/?action=view&current=MOV00130.flv)

and this is there

biggest jack we could afford at the time :)

and most of those pics are old now, its like a mini mk1 meet every day :)
Can't find any pics of the rest of the 2's :(

18th March 2009, 10:20 PM
Looks fantastic, I'll definitely be paying you a visit! Will try to get over sometime next week if possible, but my better half is due our second little one next week too! 8-) So it'll depend on the timing of that obviously!

I'm planning on bringing my car back from Ireland around the 12/13th April, so if things get a bit hectic after the baby arrives then I might have to wait till then before getting over to you. Will see how things pan out...


20th June 2009, 10:42 AM
After many a while admiring the mk1, finally bought one today. A 1989 G plate Hard Top. Currently living nr Aberdare. Interesting in any meets/ summer drives.

20th June 2009, 05:16 PM
Hi Steve,

congrats on your new purchase, a wise choice indeed! ;) :+: Any pics??

Unfortunately my car is still in Ireland & will in all likelyhood be remaining there until the beginning of August. Originally I planned to bring her back to Wales much sooner but due to unforeseen circumstances & a few hiccups with the resto, I've had to delay things. :(

My son plays football every mon/sat up in Aberdare, so when my car is back maybe we could meet up then for a chat?


22nd June 2009, 02:45 PM
Hi KMK11. Currently organising Tax. :( . The car has been off the road for while. The mileage reads 48k!!!!. I' m trying to parify if thats genuine. Pictures to follow by the middle of the week. I aslo need to source a new exhaust system. My car is fitted with a Cat., I'm thinking of changing the entire systen to a stainless system , made by Mongoose. What do you think?

22nd June 2009, 04:08 PM
I like the noise of the mongoose, had one on the white track slag. Thats being broken now tho so might be able to come to some deal if you were interested in it.

22nd June 2009, 05:35 PM
Mongoose/magnex are probably the most commonly used stainless systems for the Mk1, if you haven't already sourced one then its worth taking a spin out to Paffs Mk1 aladdins cave in Caerleon...he'll be able to help you out! ;)

Is your car the one thats on autotrader? G616 G?G or something like that?? I only ask, as I remember seeing the mileage & the fact that its only 10miles from me. I was gonna have a look but TBH I just dont have the room for another :evil:

25th June 2009, 03:27 AM
Hi guys. Yeah my car has been in Auto Trade recently (G616***). Thanks for the advice on exhaust systems. I'd like to talk to 'Paff' regarding any old system that may be of use to me. Also if i may be cheeky and pick your brains - currently the middle box section is blowing badly, when driving you can smell petrol fumes, luckily i dont smoke!! Is this down to a knackered exhaust system or is the smell more siister. :( :cry: Thanks. Steve.

25th June 2009, 07:59 AM
Hi there mate.

The smell of fuel is more likely to be the fuel vapor breather valve, nothing to worry about just get yourself a new one.

see pic for location http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v240/System-G/MKI/b2b6b164.jpg

As for the exhaust I made a discovery yesterday that my spare stainless one has a split where the exhaust hanger is so will need to get some stainless wire in order to fix it. I might be able to get hold of a stock system but not sure if there is anything in the unit at the moment, too many shelves to loose things on :)

Always welcome to pop down and have a look tho, people get lost for ages there and sometimes get priveliged with the sound of the quiet V6 :)

25th June 2009, 01:08 PM
people get lost for ages there and sometimes get priveliged with the sound of the quiet V6 :)

I can vouch for that! :lol:

25th June 2009, 03:32 PM
Hi guys. Again thanks for the information. Paffy can you give me a call - 07792650193 as to when , we can discuss this exhaust system, (if i could come and take a look all the better ). I'm tempted to weld the existing system which is on the car, but if a we can work something out , i won't bother. Many thanks. Steve.

25th June 2009, 07:40 PM
Hi Steve.

Got a bit snowed under today, bloody corsa booked for an mot tomorrow packed up and its taking up valuable space so had to get on sorting that, so I apologise I didn't get chace to look through the racking for the exhaust.

The stainless mongoose one I'm hoping to fix as soon as I get hold of something to weld stainless, I know where one of the stock systems is but thats been promised to someone else a few weeks back, but I'm sure I had another 1 lying around somewhere If not one of the other lads might have one.

I've saved your number now and will give you a call but tbh I'm down the unit from 9am most days until I collapse and need a pint in the evening so anytime you wanted to pop down just give me a shout on 07977984309. Apart from Wednesday evenings that is.

Oh Mark, you want your wheels, exhaust sometime :) oh and that wing I have for ya :)

On that note, I've finished for the day, I'm off to the pub :)

30th June 2009, 05:28 PM
Hey Paff, sorry mate have been a wee bit busy lately...what with babies, work, stag-wkend & the small matter of a wedding in 3 1/2 weeks! :shock:

Mite be able to pop down over the wkend if you're about? You'll have to start charging me for storage at this rate :lol:


30th June 2009, 05:36 PM
No worries mate, they are out the way above a stock of engines at the moment anyway :)

I think I'm about on the weekend, give me a shout to make sure tho :)

30th June 2009, 07:56 PM
Cool, I'll give ya a call over the wkend to see if we can meet up :+:

Incidentally, if you come across anyone who wants the roadster alloys will you let me know as I have no need for them & they'll only end up collecting dust in my garage :(

30th June 2009, 08:04 PM
Incidentally, if you come across anyone who wants the roadster alloys will you let me know as I have no need for them & they'll only end up collecting dust in my garage :(

Just FYI, there's a new forum-style classifieds section appearing soon that could be useful ;)

30th June 2009, 11:03 PM
Owen might be up for the alloys, will check :)

2nd July 2009, 11:48 PM
Paff. Many thanks for today. Fitted the exhaust and gave the car a mini service too. Sounding a lot better. Next stop-- new timing belt!... Steve.

6th July 2009, 08:48 PM
Hey Paff. Last week when i came down to your unit , you had an air filter for sale on E-Bay. Did it reach it's asking price??????
If not how much do u want for it , please???

6th July 2009, 10:58 PM
Hi Steve.

Yeah sorry it sold, I might have a mate with one he might sell tho, I'll be seeing him tomorrow and I'll check on it for you.

Failing that I'm going to try and get an account with K&N if I can so might still be able to sort something.

9th July 2009, 04:35 PM
Hi Paff. I'm gonna drop and flush my cooling system out next w/end. Can you tell me of an alternative brand of replacement coolant that you can get at 'Halfords'.
Many Thanks.

11th July 2009, 11:04 PM
any Ethyelne Glycol stuff would be fine, get red for the toyota look but it doesn't really matter about the colour too much. Usually red or green in colour altho there isn't any difference other than that.

27th July 2009, 12:23 AM
KMK11's freshly restored series1 mk1 MR2, soon to be back in Wales:



these pics were from his wedding in Ireland last Saturday. He's gone on honeymoon so he'll see this when he gets back :)

Daf @ Superb Classics
26th September 2009, 12:19 PM
Im in Swansea, sell lots of Mk1 MR2 but usualy always got one!


11th October 2009, 05:53 PM
Whereabouts are you in Swansea??

I'd love to pop-in for a look next time I'm passing through ;)

Daf @ Superb Classics
1st November 2009, 01:15 AM
Just off J44 of the M4 in Skewen - details directions on site:

http://superbclassics.co.uk/index.php?o ... 2&Itemid=4 (http://superbclassics.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2&Itemid=4)

Should work with Map. Just give me a ring first!

7th January 2010, 11:57 AM
Just thought I'd pop in and say hi...

Do any of you attend any of the classic car shows in South Wales?

I usually see a red mk1 at most of them, anyone's on here?

Daf @ Superb Classics
15th February 2010, 11:23 PM
I have shown these two red ones in the last few years.



Havent had these two for ages though! Got a White T BAR atm. F*** NAN in the Swansea/Neath area. Skewen to be precise!

I think these are the only two I have ever shown and only in South Wales.



18th April 2013, 08:55 AM
Hi im a bit new to this but im about an hour or sooo away, what do you do???