View Full Version : Message from Peter: Castle Combe 28th April 2012

15th March 2012, 01:41 PM
Hi folks – well, if this really is the extent of interest in Castle Combe on 28 April, looks like we'll not be going for the first time in about a decade.

At the moment, the only firm expressions of interest are from Richard Brett and Mike Savary (one car) and me (second car), hardly enough to put on an MR2 Mk1 Club display there, I'm sure you'll agree.

To reiterate the deal, after taking the currently confirmed demand into consideration, I have 9 free-of-charge (FREE!!!!!) entry passes to Combe, worth 8 (advance-booked) or 10 (on-the-day/gate) that provides you with access to a huge paddock etc area FULL of hundreds of interesting and/or exotic cars, representing almost 100 different enthusiasts' clubs.

Plus a full day of track activities as punters essay their and their cars' abilities on one of the UK's fastest tracks. At lunchtime, there's a demo-session of e.g. sliders or 'highlighted' cars. The paddock also has a selection of burger, ice-cream and so-on stalls, and there's the Paddock Restaurant and Bar featuring Bath Ales (once you're not longer doing your track-sessions, if you've booked any!).

So, you don't by any means have to participate in track-sessions, you can just spent a very pleasant and low-cost day strolling round taking in the sights and sounds.

If you've an MR2 Mk1 to bring along and join me and Richard on a club stand, please let me know NOW. Let em know if you're bringing a passenger, as you'll then need two f.o.c. passes, that'll I'll willingly reserve for you.

If you're interested in track sessions at 25 for a 15 minute 'fling', please get in touch with me soonest.

In all cases, once you've told me what you want, I'll be back in touch with you regarding how I get your passes to you, so don't worry about that, payment for track-passes etc just yet.

THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO LET ME KNOW NOW IF YOU'RE COMING ON 28th APRIL. Please give this your immediate attention, and see if you can't come along and support your Club then.

Peter Scatchard