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11th March 2012, 10:39 PM
Hi everyone.

Hopefully, you'll have noticed from the New Year card with our 2012 calendar of events contained therein that our first event of the year is to join in with the SE Branch's annual Kent Run on Sunday 15 April. It's a truly lovely part of England, the Garden of Eden, with a mass of back-road scenic and historical delights to enjoy, and with Spring starting there before almost anywhere else in the UK, it should be a lovely day out.

I will have taken delivery of my 'refurbished' 1987 T-Bar LRR (Little Red Roadster) by then, and am intending to use the event to 'dial-in' the ECU etc from a somewhat radical re-engineering that will see me toting over 190 hoss with a 6-speed box and NIL weight penalty. The back-roads of Kent may not be the ideal place to do this, but what the hell, it should be fun anyway!!

The meeting place that morning is over in Ashford, the Eureka Business Park just off J9 of the M20 at 1130 on Sunday 15 April, but if any UTB members would like to convoy over, maybe we could meet up at the Reading M4 services at say 0930 or if anyone has a better idea, please float it now!!

Any takers for this?

What about you other branches could you forward this missive to your members to try and drum up more support, please?

Moving on to the May event in this year's Calendar, how can you not ALL have beaten a path to Richard Brett's door to demand your 30 pass for the 5-6th May Donington Historic Cars Weekend? This provides you with one car pass and two people-passes for BOTH days of this potentially wonderful weekend. Donington is, along with Brands, the UK's BEST spectator circuit (and one of my two or three favourite tracks to drive around too!!) - charge a pal a tenner a day to accompany you (a steal for them too, I hasten to add!) and all you're in for is a tenner!! Please g.i.t. with Richard Brett NOW to register your interest!!

Please also get back to me asap regarding Castle Combe on April 28th, and don't forget our next UTB meeting at the new venue, The Pheasant, just NORTH of J14 of the M4 on Wednesday 11 April.


Peter Scatchard

Upper Thames Branch Secretary / Castle Combe Track-day Co-Ordinator
MR2 Mark 1 Club
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15th March 2012, 01:32 PM
This annual event, a bimble through the spring-awakening beautiful Garden of England, has been run for many years by SE Branch of the MR2 Mk1 Club to celebrate the onset of the 'season' for motorsport activities.

This year, the event has been thrown open-to-all members (or owners of MR2 Mk1s) as the first of the 2012 programme of monthly events we've instituted for the first time.

The start is at 1130 on Sunday 15th April, from the Eureka Business Park, just off J9 of the M20 at Ashford, finishing at around 1630 in plenty of time to get home to prepare yourselves for the next week back at the Sweat Shop.

If you're interested in joining us, please let me know asarp. There's the possibility of a rdv at the M4 services at Reading at 0930 for those coming from the west, otherwise I'll probably go M40 / M25, so please let me know if that's of interest to you.

Peter Scatchard