View Full Version : 1986 white/silver mk1a MR2 - For sale - non insulting offers invited - Oxfordshire

25th September 2011, 04:36 PM
160k miles
Taxed until 31/07/2012 (so its got about 180quid of tax left on it).
MOT until 29/09/2011 - This thursday.

45 images taken just an hour ago can be found here, the good, the bad and the ugly.


Good points:
Head gasket replaced (half metal type, better than ebay crap, all new valve seals, valve lapping job).
re-shimmed to account for installed valve height differences.
De-rusting/de-blocking of head and block coolant ways.
New cam belt and new tensioner.
New alternator belt.
New dizzy cap and arm and oil seal.
New plugs.
New fuel filter with copper washers (always a good thing!)
New rad cap.
New oil cooler pipes and clips.
New exhaust and inlet manifold gaskets and exhaust DP fire rings. New studs in downpipe and new slip-nuts on exhaust to DP join.
New oil filter and new oil - 1ltr top up bottle included.
Fresh coolant + Distilled water added after coolant drain, took a whole 5 litres of PURE blue antifreeze, 3 or 4 litres still left for new owner.
Painted cam covers - letters also painted. Was pristine when fitted to car, lost its edge now since i re-shimmed the lifters.

Wheels sandblasted, basecoated/painted (t91 high sparkle silver/lacqered by myself, re balanced (on the inside) and 4 brand new Yokohama C drive 2's all round (done baout 500 miles if that). All wheels hold air.

all electric windows / mirrors / door locks / interior lights / key illumination / dash illumination, all working. All lights popping up as expected, all exterior bulbs checked and working.

clifford fob immobiliser - no certificate sadly. 1 key and 1 fob (not remote C/L)

new sendai CD player with USB connectivity, and built in bluetooth handsfree. Underseat sub not wired in.

TVIS kicking in at 4,150rpm, linkages all oiled and checked whilst inlet manifold was off.

Bad points:
Cracked windscreen.
Rust bubbling through on rear arch, and various other places.
Silver part of car is not lacquered.
Slight play in steering rack or suspension when front right wheel is 'unloaded'
Ignition timing needs checking (still drives fine upto and over motorway speeds, just feels a bit flat top end of rev range), makes a good noise though. Standard exhaust, but K+N style airfilter.
wheel stud sheared on rear wheel, previous owner must have weakend through over tightening :( I have the wheel nut still however.

Overall, a car you can drive away, and either restore further at your leisure, or nick the good bits and break the rest, or just drive away and brake it yourself if you have the time / space (i have neither sadly).

I dread to think how much i have spent on this car in the short time ive owned it, which was not an entirely sensible choice (but you gotta love the car right!?).

Instead of taking 3 weekends to do a full head rebuilt/change , it ended up taking 3 months because of all the crap jobs made by previous owners. Ive righted most of those problems, but a few more still remain. Sadly, the car was purchased as a 'summer only' amusement, so its time to pass it on. I have the V5 present of course and some previous history.

Im looking for sensible offers, but ideally car needs to be driven away thursday morning or sooner. Car is located OX18 1TU

So those of you on the hunt for a bargain, this could be it!

Any interest please drop me a PM and i will be checking it very frequently for questions..



25th September 2011, 04:42 PM
also, new thermostat, and new O rings on injectors also.

car does not suffer any strange idling issues or hunting revs etc, coolant system seems to be working 100% fine. Possibly some air leaking in through the heater matrix after shutdown, but not causing an issue, and has held its coolant for the 500 or so miles ive done, same with oil, no leaks.

25th September 2011, 05:26 PM
I'd get the disc cashed in this week, it's gonna be illegal to drive after Thursday anyway. And from what you've said it's not looking likely to be back on the road anytime soon.

25th September 2011, 05:52 PM
For someone who has a little time and space and a windscreen, i dont see why this car cant go on the road again, otherwise i wouldnt have taxed it for a year, and put brand new tyres on it , and spend ages making sure all the work i did wasnt a complete bodge, tracking down parts and painting cam covers and so on...

for me, i dont have the time/space as im busy with work projects, and a missus who is not sympathetic to older cars :(

the tyres cost me about 200 fitted, and the tax is worth 180 , so any offer around that region can drive the car away.