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27th July 2011, 10:19 PM
Message from Peter Scatchard, Castle Combe Track-Day Organiser:

Track day arrangements are now underway.

I have 2 cars coming, and 4 individual entry passes (free-of-charge) already allocated.

That leaves me with 8 other f.o.c. entry passes. If you are coming in your MR2 Mk1 and would like a f.o.c. entry to a great day’s entertainment, ogling some great cars in the paddock and watching day-long track-action around a fast, good visibility circuit only 10 minutes off the M4 near Junction 17, please let me know soonest. If you’re bringing a passenger, ask me for two passes as they’re per person, not per car. There’s no need for a car-pass, you simply drive to the Club’s allocated area and put your car on show along with your fellow members’. I’ll let you know where our stand will be located when I send you your passes.

If you want track passes, I can still obtain these at £25 per 15 minute session, but you’ll have to be quick before all the concessionary passes are sold-out.

Apart from your asap eMail confirmation of requirements, I don’t need anything from you yet. I’ll be in touch nearer the time, asking for an A5 sized SAE so I can send you your passes once I receive them from the Combe organisers.


Castle Combe Track-day Co-Ordinator
MR2 Mark 1 Club

1st August 2011, 01:26 PM
Message from Peter Scatchard, Castle Combe Track-Day Organiser:

Hi, folks

Good to see some of you at the Silverstone Classic Cars Festival, that I’m pleased to say fully lived up to its reputation and my previous experiences of being THE BEST motoring spectator event of the year. Where else can you see so many gorgeous road and competition cars, not just to wander around (and sometimes even poke at, and chat to the owners / mechanics about), but then out on-track in all their gloriously noisy action? Historic race and sports cars, old GP cars including the seriously quick ground-effect F1 1980s machines and perhaps most impressive of all, the Group C Le Mans cars from a couple of decades back, even (on the Saturday night) running in the dusk with lights a-blazing and disks a-glowing at the big STOP for Brooklands at the end of the newly re-named Wellington (used to be Club) Straight.

This can be an expensive exercise – the face-value of a single person’s entry pass for the Saturday or Sunday is £40, but it can also be one of the cheapest events to attend!! How so?!? By taking advantage of the Club’s position as an exhibiting organisation; our members’ cars, parked up together in our allocated space (close to the (in)famous Bentley Owners Club this time), contribute to the spectator appeal of the meeting, and this is reflected in the huge discounts we can obtain from the organisers, PROVIDED YOU BOOK EARLY!!

As you will possibly recall, our President Ken Salmon puts out an announcement in the Winter issue of the Club Magazine – if you respond, you can get a 3-day pass admitting your show-car each of the three days, plus two persons (one probably you, the driver!!) for around £90 including the booking fee – to save you the maths, that works out at a mere £15 per person per day. I usually take my better half one of the days (it’s all she can stand of almost unremitting petrol-head stuff anyway!! - tho’ she did thoroughly enjoy 10cc’s gig in the evening, as did I – superb band in action!!), and offer the passes at their cost to me, i.e. £15 per day to a couple of pals, who then save themselves a fortune over the day-pass cost they’d otherwise be paying. I could even reduce my net cost further by charging £20 a head and still saving them a ton, leaving me with a tab for £50 for my three days of motorised bliss and Val’s one-day of purgatory!!

So, my message is do give the event a try next year, especially if you can round up a few pals to help share the cost. You’ll not regret it, I promise!!

Now, to Castle Combe – thanks to some last-minute responses to my promptings, we’re attending the event as usual, I’m pleased to say; we now have all the Club’s concessionary track-passes up-taken, and have 4 cars attending, with 8 of our 12 free-of-charge individual entry passes taken up.

So this means I’ve still got 4 f.o.c. passes to hand out on a first-come, first-served basis - preference will be given to members planning to attend in their Mk1s, of course, to help make up the Club’s presence at the event, but if you fancy a drive out to a very pleasant part of the country (a brief diversion through Castle Combe village itself reveals the quintessential English village scene, thatch, Cotswold stone, church on the green, lovely pub / hotel etc, etc) and a wander around hundreds of interesting cars, with track-side action to amuse you too, then this is an event for you, and all for no more than the cost of your petrol and a postage stamp!!

If you’d like an individual entry pass at no cost to you other than an SAE, please get in touch with me asap so In can reserve your pass/es. Don’t send anything as yet, coz I’ll be back to you nearer the time with further instructions.