View Full Version : 1988 mk1b mr2 while 69000 miles 12 months mot

17th July 2011, 05:39 PM
right i recently bought my dads mk1 mr2 off him, and tbh its not really practical for me as a main car and as im saving up for a deposit for a mortgage, i havent really got the money to buy and insure a run around car as well. iv only owned it about a month, but i bought it off my dad who has owned it for the best part of 3 years now, it was his "weekend" car (or i like to call it mid life crisis car :D ) the body work is not the best, but you kind of expect it for a 23 year old car, it has nothing that isnt repairable, its mainly the rear arches (looks worse in the pics cos the car is white) and the the front drivers side arch the paint has glazed slightly in places, we think at some point someone had blown the wing over. the worse bit is at the bottom n/s/r below the bumper (see in the pic), you can get the replacement corners to re weld on for around 50 on ebay, or if you are handy with metal and welding, a few hours worth of work.

12 month MOT (runs out 13/07/2012)

the car has no tax, it ran out at the start of the month

right now down to the good bits

the car has pretty much F/S/H and has the booked stamped upto 55k (car is on 79k) but has quite a few receipts and just about every mot since new to back the mileage up.

i have removed the dull blue interior with black leather seats (drivers one has some wear)/centre consol/carpet/door cars with leather inserts/ steering wheel. only bit thats still blue is the dash. i have also sprayed a couple of bits inside the car in white (stereo surrounding and door switches).

the car has a S/S exhaust system, we think its a mongoose system as it looks like one, it has a nice note to it, quite when normal driving and aggressive once past 5000rpm

i have made a custom induction kit with ally pipe on

all the electrics work fine, both window switchs work up and dowm the windo lock switch works, the cental locking works, it seems to hve a different key for one of the door, we think the door has been replaced (we have the other key) but the car has an alarm with remote fob so this has never bothered me or my dad.

the roof is the tin top with sun roof, it doesnt leak at all, and still has the cover (iv put it in the boot cos it ruins my spiked up hair with the low roof (vain i know lol)

we had a re t-bar and i nicked the front strut brace off it when it went to the scrap yeard in the sky and put it on this one

it has all 5 original alloys, although the spare is flat

i have started to add other little touches, i wrapped the fuel flap in sticker bomb, one of the dash inserts the same and another in cf vinyl (all can easily removed) it also has a new white leather gear gaitor as the old was was blue and shabby, and i have added a mono gear knob

it wont come with a stereo im afraid

with a little work this car would be a sweet little weekend car or for the more adventurous drifter (not the easiest cars to drift being mid engined)


i have more images that i can show if interested

im not on the site much so you call me on 07878565544, if i dont answer then just send me a text and ill usually get back to you pretty quick